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Civil Discourse and Policy Deliberation




Question;Section One. Short Answer (40 points max.)This section contains questions drawn from the lecture and textbook material covered SINCE the midterm.1. Recall the civil discourse video. What communication skill is important to constructive argument and discourse? (5)2. What is an argumentative brief and why would an advocate prepare one? (5)3. What are three common fallacies? Define them. (6) 4. Describe two key ?burdens? that policy advocates should address. (6)5. What are four characteristics of an argument field? (8)6. What is civic discovery? How does it relate to collaborative argument? (10)Section Two. The Policy Deliberation Team (PDT) experience (40 points max.)This section features questions that relate to your policy deliberation assignment, your experience as an arguer AND as an audience member. 1. You listened to four teams participate in policy deliberations. Rank order the four teams in terms of their argumentation competence and explain (justify) your rankings. Be clear about the standards you used to develop your ranking (for example, use of evidence, refutation skills). (20)2.What did the PDT arguers (including you and your teammates) do to establish credibility? Provide examples. (10)3.In what ways could the Policy Deliberation Team (PDT) assignment be improved? Explain your recommendation(s). (10)Section Three. Argument Evaluation and Criticism (100 points max.)In this section you will use your knowledge of argumentation and its concepts to evaluate an argument text. Specifically, you should evaluate and constructively criticize one of the following essays or speeches. After you have selected a speech or essay, evaluate it, present a critical analysis.


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