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Question;Question 38;Which of the following is generally not included in a;solicitation package?;Listing of qualified vendors;Past bidding history of qualified vendors;How changes will be managed;Supplier payment plan;Question 39;Which of the following contract types has the greatest risk;with the buyer?;Cost sharing;Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee;Firm-Fixed-Price;Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee;Question 40;In which of the following would the price of a possible;contract not be included?;Request for information (RFI);Request for quotation (RFQ);Request for proposal (RFP);Invitation for bids (IFB);Question 41;Billing the cost of repairs against a financially closed out;project is called _____.;Back charging;Refinancing;Order of precedence;Arbitration;Question 42;During contract negotiations, the goal of the buyer is to;Get the seller to accept the greatest risk;Get the highest quality result for the lowest price;Get the seller to agree to scope changes at no cost to the;buyer;Try to get the least amount of work done at the lowest price;Question 43;Which of the following is not one of the three types of;specifications discussed in the text?;Design specifications;Material specifications;Performance specifications;Functional specifications;Question 44;The fact that random variation is always present in any;process is called;Common cause variability;Special cause variability;Assignable cause variability;Control limit variability;Question 45;In which project life cycle phase does quality begin?;Initiation / planning;Execution;Monitoring & control;Closure;Question 46;The collective term for the formal quality activities and;processes is called;Quality control;Quality assurance;Quality policies;Quality visions;Question 47;The collective term for the activities and techniques within;the overall process is called;Quality control;Quality assurance;Quality policies;Quality visions;Question 48;Which of the following quality gurus focused on the four;absolutes of quality?;Deming;Juran;Crosby;Taguchi;Question 49;Which of the following quality gurus developed an approach;for determining the cost of quality?;Deming;Juran;Crosby;Taguchi;Question 50;Quality is defined by the;Project manager;Project team;Project sponsor;Customer


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