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EM 620 Management of Technical Human Resources and Organizations Personal Project for the Course




Question;EM 620 Management of Technical Human Resources and Organizations Personal Project for the Course Using what you have learned from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People?Restoring the Character Ethic, by Stephen Covey, and from Management of Organizational Behavior?Leading Human Resources, by Hersey, Blanchard, and Johnson, write a paper as described below. Be sure to integrate the specific principles and tools from Cove and the s ecific rinci?les and tools from Herse et al throu:hout our eager.Evaluate in detail what changes you need to make in your life to enable you to become a better person, leader, and manager. As part of this evaluation, describe a vision of what you want to be able to say you have become at the end of this life. Tell me what is really going to be important to you? What do you hope others will remember about you? What impact do you hope to have had in the world for making it a better place to live for your posterity? What do you want to be able to remember about yourself? How will you reach your potential to the best of your ability?Next, tell me in detail how your vision of "your future self" integrates specifically with how you want to become in (1) following, (2) leading, and (3) working alongside other people. If this is not clear in the vision you have already defined, re-vision this aspect of your life in more detail and describe it. How do you want other people to see you as a follower, a leader, and a peer in your interactions with them? What will they value about you? What do you hope that they never forget about you? What impact will they say you had on their lives? How will you have helped them to realize and to reach their own potentials in a way that they will be thankful for? How do you have to change yourself before you can help other people in the way you desire?In the effort described in the above two paragraphs, be careful not to get fixated on what is currently of interest to or bothering you, as this might not really be important when you look back at the end of your life. In other words, try very hard to get the "long-term, big picture view" in your vision and mission, not the short-term "what is bothering me right now" view. Sometimes this is called getting the "Eternal perspective on life."Based on the above self-evaluation, revisit your personal Mission Statement and update as needed. In the paper, give me in writing your most updated Personal Mission Statement. This may be located wherever you want it to be in the paper.Next, to help you achieve your vision and mission, write at least five specific objectives that you will accomplish during the next five years. Write a specific plan of action with steps you need to take for each of the five objectives. Then, write at least five specific objectives that will help you in the nearer term, which you will accomplish during the next 12 months. Write a specific plan of action with steps you need to take for each of those five objectives. Finally, write a list of three objectives that you will accomplish during the coming month and a specific plan of how you will accomplish those objectives. All of these objectives (5-year, 12-month, and 1-month) should be in support of accomplishing your life vision and mission. Be realistic, but challenging, in these goals?they will do you no good if they are not realistic or not attainable. On the other hand you will not make the desired growth if they are not challenging and somewhat uncomfortable.While keeping in mind the above vision, mission, and goals, clearly describe at least three current situations in your life at work, school, church, community, or home where you want to help build other people. Explain the challenges you would face to build those people. Explain how you feel the other people view the situation and what challenges you would feel if you were in their shoes. Describe specifically how you can help, and what steps you can take, to build them according to the principles and tools in Covey and in Hersey, et al.NOTE: The paper should be at least 7-8 pages long and single-spaced (or 14-16 pages double-spaced), typed in Times New Roman 12-pitch font, with 1.25-inch left and right margins, and 1-inch top and bottom margins, on 8.5 x 11-inch paper. ALSO, THIS PAPER WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED LATE. IT MUST BE TURNED IN BY THE DUE


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