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STATS - The BMW Z8, Ferrari, and Lamborghini




Question;The BMW Z8, Ferrari, and Lamborghini have notably low gas mileage among the two-seater cars in the table below). Find the five-number summary (median, the quartiles (first and third quartile), and the high and low extremes) of the city gas mileages. Create a histogram with a class width of 2 (see How to Make a Histogram in Excel on Blackboard) and a boxplot of the data. Are any of these cars suspected low outliers by the Interquartile Range Rule (1.5?IQR rule)? (A point is a suspected outlier if it lies more than 1.5?IQR below the first quartile (Q1) or above the third quartile (Q3).) Recalculate and redraw any plots after checking for outliers, if needed.Gas mileage (miles per gallon) for year 2002 model two-seater cars.


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