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Question;Question 1. Question;(TCO 1) The amount of money a;business takes in during a given time period by selling goods and/or selling;services.;Business;Goods;Services;Entrepreneur;Revenue;Question 2. Question;(TCO 1) A behavioral science;that studies how society chooses to employ resources to produce goods and;services and distribute them.;Economics;Microeconomics;Macroeconomics;Resource development;Invisible Hand;Question 3. Question;(TCO 1) That part of economics;that studies the behavior of people and organizations in particular markets.;Economics;Microeconomics;Macroeconomics;Resource development;Invisible Hand;Question 4. Question;(TCO 2) An unethical activity;in which insiders use private company information to further their own fortunes;or those of their family and friends.;Insider trading;Social audit;Socially conscious investors;Environmentalists;Union officials;Question 5. Question;(TCO 3) The difference between;money flowing into a country and money flowing out of a country.;Balance of payments;Balance of trade;Common Market;Countertrading;Devaluation;Question 6. Question;(TCO 3) An unfavorable balance;of trade occurs when the value of a country?s imports exceeds that of its;exports.;Trade surplus;Trade deficit;Tariffs;Strategic alliance;Multinational corporation;Question 7. Question;(TCO 4) Investors who provide;money to finance new businesses or turnarounds in exchange for a portion of;ownership, with the objective of reselling the business at a proft.;Venture Capitalists;Extrapreneurs;Intrapreneurs;Angel Investors;None of the above. Question;(TCO 1) Describe and explain;capitalism and how it functions in a free market economy.;Question 2. Question;(TCO 2) Describe and explain;corporate responsibility using an ethical perspective. Your stakeholder group;for your answer is parents of high school students. Your company designs;produces, and sells video game apps for the mobile market. A concern has been;raised in the community where your company is located about the violence;portrayed in your mobile video game apps. What do you say to the parents? Why?;Question 3. Question;(TCO 3) Describe the;importance of understanding cultural and legal differences in the global;business environment.;Question 4. Question;(TCO 4) Describe the;importance of small business and entrepreneurship in the U.S. Economy.


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