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BUS3041 week 3 Assignment 2: Dropbox Assignment




Question;Dropbox AssignmentAssignment 2: Dropbox AssignmentPlanning the PresentationScenarioYou have been asked by the top leadership in your organization to develop a PowerPoint presentation on how the business is doing relative to the previous year. This will include a comparison of the following for this fiscal year and the previous fiscal year:Employee turnover numbersSalesProfitsExpensesStock prices (if applicable)Any other applicable figures for your organizationTasksBased on the task assigned to you, complete the following:In your presentation, include a slide for each of the areas where you discuss the comparison of the two years. Also include a graphic representation to show the comparison of the numbers between the two years.After you completed your presentation, write a memo to the top leadership summarizing what you have found in terms of a comparison of numbers between the two years. The memo should be a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document and should include all the components of professional communication and graphics where needed. Keep your audience in mind when creating this document, and make sure that you are writing appropriately for the audience.Cite any sources in APA format.Submission DetailsName your document SU_BUS3041_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.Name your presentation SU_BUS3041_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.ppt.Submit your document and presentation to the W3 Assignment 2 Dropbox by Tuesday, December


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