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BCOM321 Individual Term Paper Assignment




Question;BCOM 321 Individual Term Paper;Assignment;Write a business proposal for an;improvement initiative that you feel will greatly benefit your organization.;The overall length should be 8-10 pages.;Overview of the Process;1);Choose an actual existing organization;It may be public or private, for profit or non-profit, manufacturing or;service, the choice is yours as long as the organization exists and you are;able to acquire fundamental business intelligence regarding the organization. Acquiring;fundamental business intelligence usually requires either firsthand experience with;or access to the organization or that the organization has an established;presence on the internet.;2);Choose an initiative to propose;?;New;product or service;?;Capital;investment (equipment, technology, or real estate);?;Market;expansion (expanding geographical region or customer demographic);?;Expanded;employee benefits (enhancing services, benefits, or income of employees);?;Realignment;of organizational vision and mission;3);Craft a well-supported document that;will persuade the organization?s decision makers to adopt your proposal.;Content Areas;1);Cover;2);Executive Summary;3);Table of contents;4);Proposal;a.;Background;statement (Introduction);b.;Statement of;opportunity;c.;Objective;d.;Scope of work;i.;Clear;understanding of practical challenges the initiative faces;ii.;Resources needed;iii.;Cost-benefit;analysis;e.;Management/project;plan;f.;Summary/Conclusion;5);Optional;attachments (charts, tables, supporting documents);Individual Term Paper Rubric;Form;?;Correct grammar;punctuation and spelling;?;Clear;organization and expression of ideas;?;Visually appealing;and readable;?;Addresses major;content areas;Function (clearly accomplishes each of the following);?;Describes clearly;what you propose to do;?;Presents logically;and persuasively why you propose to do it;?;Provides legitimate;benefits the organization will receive from doing it;?;Outlines how you plan;to do it;Content;?;Proposed;initiative is clearly described;?;Stakeholders and;their needs or expectations are clearly identified;?;Arguments are;well supported through evidence and relevant comparison;?;Potential;liabilities are identified and addressed;?;Costs and;benefits are described and analyzed;?;Proposed scope of;work is practical


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