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Question;MARKETING;100;Public;Relations and Personal Selling" Please respond to the following;Think back over this past;year, and recall the biggest public relations scandal / nightmare that;caught your attention. Describe the type of damage control that the;company initiated in order to reduce media attention around the scandal.;Explain whether such efforts helped or hurt the situation in question.List three (3) reasons why;you prefer either making your purchase from a brick-and-mortar store or an;online store. Provide a rationale for your response."Looking Back and Looking Ahead" Please respond;to the following;Summarize what you have;learned in this class in 140 characters or less (something you could post;on Twitter).Describe the one (1) aspect;of this that you liked the most. Explain why this particular aspect of the;course was your favorite.BUS 335 STAFFING;ORGANIZATIONS;Causes;for Turnover" Please respond to the following;Based on the e-Activity, examine your current;job position or a job position with which you are familiar. Then, choose;three (3) significant factors that you believe have contributed to;employees leaving the organization. Next, suggest three (3) methods;organizations could utilize to retain their employees. Support your;rationale with two (2) examples of such factors / methods.Based on the case study;determine whether the major complaints presented in the case study are the;true reason for Wally?s Wonder Wash?s high turnover rate. Then, suggest;two (2) reasonable retention strategies that Wally?s Wonder Wash could;implement. Justify your rationale. Note: Remember, turnover is not always;about money / salary. Therefore, please present strategies that would not;involve pay increases.e-Activity ---Go to BizFiling?s Website and read the article titled;?Identifying and Addressing Employee Turnover Issues,? located at;Moving Forward;Please respond to the following;Discuss;the primary manner in which the concepts of this course can be applied to;your current or future work position.Rate;the three (3) most important concepts that you have learned in this course;in order of importance (one [1] being the most important, three [3], the;least). Provide a rationale for your rating scheme.


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