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Assignment 1: LASA 2 - Ethical Systems and Me




Question;Assignment 1: LASA 2 - Ethical Systems and Me;What a busy five weeks we have had! We have learned to use;moral reasoning and examined many ethical theories in this course. These;include virtue ethics, utilitarianism, social contract, deontology with goals;(Hinduism and Buddhism), deontology with divine authority (Judaism;Christianity, and Islam), relativism (individual and cultural), and deontology;with a categorical imperative (Kant).;Think back about your impressions of each of these ethical;systems and write a 1,000 to 1,250-word essay that addresses the following;questions below. Be sure to write good introductory and concluding paragraphs;in your essay.;Summarize;the principle components of each of the seven ethical systems studied in;this course (listed above), including the principle ethicist involved in;developing the system. Use two or three sentences for each ethical system.;Which;ethical system is most prevalent in the United States today? In the;World? Explain your answer and support your response.;Which;ethical system most closely matches your personal ethical system? Why do;you think so? Explain your position.;Please;give a short, personal example that supports your decision to identify;your ethical system (3 or 4 sentences) and explain why it does so.;Examine;your response to previous assignments in Modules 1 thru 4 in this;course. Are there any inconsistencies or conflict between positions;you took in earlier assignments and the ethical system identified in this;paper? For example, monotheists (Christians, Muslims, and Jews) believe in;universal maxims. Relativists do not think universal maxims are;possible. One cannot, for example be a Christian and believe no;universal maxims exist, which is a relativist position. Monotheism (Christianity);and relativism are polar opposites. If inconsistencies exist between your;earlier answers and this paper, how do you resolve them in your ethical;decision-making process in the real world?;Add at;least three references to support your analysis in this paper.;Post a 4-5-page (1000-1250 -word) paper to the M5;Assignment 1 Dropbox by Monday, December 1, 2014. Include a title;and reference page (not included in the 4-5 page count). All written;assignments and responses should follow citation rules for attributing sources;using APA format. Please use Microsoft Word spelling/grammar checker before;submitting your essay.;Assignment 1 Grading Criteria;Maximum Points;Summarized the seven ethical theories examined in this;course with detail and focus.;80;Identified which primary ethical system is most prevalent;in the United States and the world, applying significant critical analysis of;course concepts.;40;Detailed a personal ethical system using significant;critical analysis of the assigned prompts, which references the assigned;readings and/or course concepts.;56;Discussed (three or four sentences) a personal;professional, and/or social issue of the day to illustrate choice of ethical;system.;20;Showed sufficient mastery of concepts to be able to identify;inconsistencies within course responses and student?s ethical system.;20;Justified ideas and responses by using at least 3;appropriate scholarly examples and/or references from texts, and Web sites.;20;Style (8 points): Tone, audience, and word choice;Organization (16 points): Introduction, transitions, and conclusion;Usage and Mechanics (16 points): Grammar, spelling, and sentence structure;APA Elements (24 points): In text citations and references, paraphrasing, and;appropriate use of quotations and other elements of style;64;Total;300


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