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Staryer Bus Ethics 309 Quiz 4 - Ch.4 and Ch.5 (2014)




Question;Course Business Ethics 309Test Quiz 4 (Ch4) & (Ch5)Question 15 out of 5 pointsHow many Americans believe that ?if you work hard enough, you'll make it??Question 25 out of 5 pointsWhich statement accurately describes capitalism?Question 35 out of 5 pointsAccording to one survey of cultural valuesQuestion 45 out of 5 pointsEvidence for the idea that American manufacturing is declining isQuestion 50 out of 5 pointsMarxism statesQuestion 60 out of 5 pointsRather than strong work ethic, a common attitude is:Question 75 out of 5 pointsWhich of the following historical stages of capitalism came first?Question 85 out of 5 pointsA basic premise of Adam Smith's invisible hand argument isQuestion 95 out of 5 pointsKarl Marx believed thatQuestion 105 out of 5 pointsThe concept of the "invisible hand" meansQuestion 110 out of 5 pointsThe profit motiveQuestion 125 out of 5 pointsFor the first time since the Industrial Revolution, less than _____ percent of the American workforce was employed by manufacturing.Question 135 out of 5 pointsThe Fugger dynasty was an example ofQuestion 145 out of 5 pointsThough many jobs are outsourced, most economists believeQuestion 155 out of 5 pointsAn assessment of work in America isQuestion 165 out of 5 pointsKenneth Arrow discussed two important situations in which profit maximization can be socially inefficient. One of these occurs whenQuestion 170 out of 5 pointsWhich of the following contributed to the more relaxed incorporation procedures of modern times?Question 185 out of 5 pointsThe best statement concerning corporations isQuestion 195 out of 5 pointsThe debate over corporate moral agency hinges on which issue?Question 205 out of 5 pointsThe ?rules of the game? for corporate work are intended toQuestion 215 out of 5 pointsMelvin Anshen suggests that there is a relationship between business and society which he termed asQuestion 220 out of 5 pointsCorporations differ from partnerships and other forms of business association in two ways. One of these is thatQuestion 235 out of 5 pointsA common point of contention about corporations isQuestion 240 out of 5 pointsThe idea that corporations are moral agentsQuestion 255 out of 5 pointsMilton Friedman?s perspective is that the only social responsibility of a business is toQuestion 265 out of 5 pointsThose with a broader view concerning business obligations believe that with power comesQuestion 270 out of 5 pointsWhich of the following is one of the three arguments in favor of narrow corporate social responsibility discussed in Chapter 5?Question 28Adam Smith proposed that in our pursuit of economic interests we are led byQuestion 295 out of 5 pointsThe first corporationsQuestion 300 out of 5 pointsMost Americans believe a corporation?s top obligation is to its


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