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kaplan mt400 unit 8 quiz




Question;Question 1. Question;Identifying potential benefits and entering in a benefits;register should be accomplished in which phase?;Launch Pad;Understand;Innovate;Implement;Question 2. Question;Establishing baselines and comparative measurements should;be carried out in which phase?;Sudent Answer: Launch Pad;Understand;Innovate;Implement;Question 3. Question;The critical success factors in this phase include all of;the following except;Planning benefit delivery with respect to;timeframes and costs;Agreement of the roles, responsibilities and;accountabilities;Mapping out process details;Benchmarking against other organizations;Question 4. Question;Checks in the value monitoring maximization step do not;include;Creating an organization chart;Auditing internal compliance against benefit;targets;Reviewing project plans and registers to;ensure completion of required activities;Reviewing benefits;Question 5. Question;Benefits delivery and tracking is part of which phase?;Foundations;Innovate;Realize value;Sustainable performance


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