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Question;1?my tv ad tells you how much better my car is than theirs. my type of ad is?2?an ad that introduces a new product is known as a/an??ad.3?Sarah McLachlan?s ad about the poor puppies in need of your support would be a good example of which type of ad?4???account for most of the 1.1 million retail establishments in the US.5?the??involves multiple outlets?stores?under common ownership6, McDonald?s and radio shack are example of?7?a ford dealership is an example of a?8?a store that carries many different types of products with a limited variety of each are said to focus on:9,when consider a fast food restaurant?s evolution around the wheel of retailing, what sorts of factors tend to move it?10?resorting to online sales can be the best way to ?breath life? back into a??retailer11?the best way to reinvigorate a general store concept?according to my lecture?would be to?12?the combination of one or more of the communication tools used to inform?persuade?or remind prospective buyers is known as the?13?in the communication process???is the process of having the sender transform an idea into a set of symbols?words?14?in the communication process?the information sent by the source plus the manner in which it is sent?forms the??15?for which of the promotional elements is this a strength??efficient means for reaching large numbers of people?16?for which of the promotional elements is this a weakness ?difficult to get media cooperation?17?for which of the promotional elements is this a weakness??easily abused?18?what is public relations??publicity?s?greatest advantage?assuming it is good publicity?19?the following disadvantage pertains to which medium??proliferation of competitive directories in many markets??20?for which medium is the following an advantage??high selectivity of audience??21?which should be the first step in developing an advertising program?22?if my ad only runs during the Christmas season? it could be said it is following what type of advertising schedule?23?when specifying promotion objectives???pertains to an increase in the consumer?s desire to learn about some of the features of the product or brand.24?when specifying promotion objectives???pertains to the consumer?s repeated purchase and use of the product or brand.25?to rehabilitate a business-district retailer?or area of business-district retailer??you need to do the following?


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