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Youtube for Brands Harvard Case Please read below Segment the Market analysis to complete 9 questions




Question;Youtube for Brands;Harvard Case 9-514-048 May 5th 2014;Please read below Segment the Marketanalysis to complete;9 questions. Write short conclusion under each question. See PPT for some help;Segment;the Market;The segment of the market for the YouTube services on the;basis of the customer characteristics. Different age group customers viewed;video on YouTube, so on the basis of the age characteristic of customers;defines the market segments of YouTube. The customer age group divided;according to some similarity in their preferences and opinions. The market;segment of YouTube in the age groups such as 5-10 age group, 11-14 age group;15-17 age group, 18-34 age group, 35-47 age group, 48-60 age group, and above 60;age customers.;On the basis of these age groups, YouTube should be;segmented its markets to easily target the different age group customers in the;world. All age group customers are viewed video on YouTube in the worldwide, so;on the basis of the market segment through different age group, the company;would able to target the large population (Winston, Stevens, Sherwood;Dunn, 2013). The market segment on the basis of different age group would help;the company in decision making process for selecting suppliers for each;segment. Moreover, market segment would help the company to take decision;related to marketing and target potential customers.;Segment;Marketing Strategy to reach market segment;Product mix strategy;Pricing strategy;Channel strategy;Promotion strategy;5-10 age;group;Use schools, educational;institutes, kindergarten and play schools;Games, videos, cartoon videos;Low;Controlled by parents;television;Use print media;11-14 age;group;Use television and print media;to target them;Study material videos, Games;funny or cartoon related videos;Low;Computer;and television;Use;print media;15-17;age group;Use;television and print media to target them;Study;material videos, Games, funny or cartoon related videos;Low;Computer;and television;Use;print media;18-34 age group;Use;social media or online sites;Use music, movies;existing, adult, technology related videos;High;Computer;tablets, and smart phones;Use;social media and online sites;35-47 age group;Use social media and print;media;Use;music, movies, relationship, carrier, technology related videos;High;Computer;tablets, and smart phones;Use social media and print;media;48-60 age group;Use;print and broadcast media;Use;music, movies, health, fitness related videos;Average;Computer;tablets, and mobile;Use;print and broadcast media;Above 60 age group;Use;print and broadcast media;Use;funny, fitness related videos;Low;Computer;and television;Use;print and broadcast media;*;(Marketing strategies: market penetration, market development, diversification;and product development);2) Select one of the above segments to target and develop;the full product mix for that segment (not what the firm is doing but what they;should be doing for that segment of the market);Target Market;Advertising;Style;Brand;Package;Augmented Product;3) How does the above related to the customer?s buying;behaviors?;4) Based on the above product strategy how will you price;the product? What factors influence your decision?;5) What is your channel strategy for your target market.;Target Market;Functions Performed by Channel Members;Type of Channel Member?;Level;Intensity;Relationship with Manufacturer;Examples?;6) How does the above related to the customer?s buying;behaviors?;7) What is your promotion mix for your target market;Target Market;Advertising;Personal Selling;Public Relations;Sales Promotion;How Will you Set your Budget?;8) How does the above related to the customer?s buying;behaviors?;9) Describe the marketing audit (be sure to include;measurable objectives);10) What are the ethical implications of your decisions?


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