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Question;Short Discussion QuestionsAnswer the following Discussion Questions:1. Which model or combination of models is best for organizing the training function? Why?2. What is human capital? How is human capital influencing the changing role of training from skill and knowledge acquisition to creating and sharing knowledge?3. How could SWOT analysis be used to align training activities with business strategies and goals?4. If you had to conduct a needs assessment for a new job at a new plant, describe the method you would use.5. Discuss the types of evidence that you would look for in order to determine whether a needs analysis has been improperly conducted.6. Go to, a website for the US Department of Labor Employee and Training Administration that includes reports of the SCANS commission (Secretary?s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills). Look at the report ?What Work Requires of Schools?. What competencies does the report identify as being necessary for effective job performance? What foundational skills underlie these competencies?


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