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500666RR - The Organizational Environment, Part 1




Question;500666RR - The Organizational Environment, Part 11. The term for what people are doing when they put forth less effort while members of a group isA. catatonia.B. groupthink.C. individualism.D. social loafing.2. Japanese anime became a popular media in the United States due toA. American fans pulling anime in.B. Disney's adoption of the style in its animated movies.C. heavy advertising in the United States by Japanese comic companies.D. an unusual amount of manga piracy.3. Which of the following means that goods are shipped to the buyer and payment isn't made until they'vebeen sold?A. Bank collection time draftB. ConsignmentC. Irrevocable letter of creditD. Cash in advance4. _______ places increasing emphasis on recruiting and developing human resources.A. MarketingB. GlobalizationC. AccountingD. Localization5. Which of the following is the least costly for a buyer of exported goods?A. Cash in advanceB. Bank collection time draftC. Irrevocable letter of creditD. Open account6. A _______ strategy is often used where there's a strong pressure to reduce costs and limited pressure toadapt products for local markets.A. transnationalB. globalC. home replicationD. multidomestic7. The Small Business Administration (SBA) provides _______ assistance.A. business development and financialB. educational and placementC. market analysis and Web developmentD. product-search and product-support8. A partnership between competitors, customers, or suppliers is called a/anA. growth triangle.B. merger.C. affiliation.D. strategic alliance.9. A _______ is an arrangement under which a company provides managerial know-how in some or allfunctional areas to another party for a fee.A. manufacturing contractB. strategic allianceC. joint ventureD. management contract10. A company in which each country's division manager reports directly to the CEO isA. organized by geographic regions.B. a hybrid organization.C. a matrix organization.D. divided by both product and function.11. Independent businesses that handle import shipments for compensation are calledA. foreign freight forwarders.B. commerce chambers.C. customhouse brokers.D. bonded warehouse managers.12. The behaviors and processes that go along with organizing people to achieve a common purpose areseen inA. line supervisors.B. managers.C. leaders.D. chairmen of the board.13. One disadvantage of indirect exporting is thatA. licensing and red tape can delay completion of shipments.B. large cash outlays are required.C. it's difficult to find the right agent for a firm's product.D. the firm gains little experience from transactions.14. Incoterms were developed by the International Chamber of Commerce toA. promote trade missions.B. translate international contracts.C. facilitate legal price quotes between buyers and sellers.D. clarify terms of sale.15. Organizational _______ is a process dealing with how a company should be organized for integration,efficiency, and effectiveness.A. competitivenessB. designC. divisionD. functions16. The term tactical plans refers toA. detailed, short-term operational plans.B. broad operational plans on which strategic plans are based.C. scenarios presented as comprehensive future strategies.D. long-term strategies that address best- and worst-case scenarios.17. Manufacturers that sell products from other companies in foreign markets along with their own arereferred to asA. resident buyers.B. commission agents.C. cooperative exporters.D. export merchants.18. The difference between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge is thatA. tacit knowledge is always expressed visually.B. tacit knowledge is difficult to express in terms of pictures or words.C. explicit knowledge is codified in numbers only.D. explicit knowledge is subjective while tacit knowledge is objective.19. The McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Subway in your area is an example of aA. joint venture.B. licensed product.End of examC. strategic alliance.D. franchise.20. Residents of a country who represent various noncompeting foreign suppliers and take orders in thosefirms' names are known as manufacturers'A. traders.B. retailers.C. agents.D. distributors.


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