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500668RR - The Organizational Environment, Part 2




Question;500668RR - The Organizational Environment, Part 21. The type of debt nearly always repaid in full by the borrower, with a repayment rate of 97 percent, is_______ loans.A. federally guaranteedB. company-to-companyC. micro-D. parallel2. A middle ground between an ad campaign that's standardized worldwide and an entirely local adcampaign is called a/an _______ approach.A. hybrid advertisingB. shared-managementC. computerized-managementD. programmed-management3. The benefits of offshore financial centers includeA. high interest and low fees.B. fluctuating currency exchange rates.C. advantageous accounting practices.D. low taxes and few banking regulations.4. Which of the following adds 3?5 percent to the quoted price of a product, due to the costs of importing?A. B2B costsB. Export dutiesC. Invoice chargesD. Customhouse broker's fees5. _______ are responsible for a shift in power from manufacturers to retailers.A. Internet advertisersB. Private brandsC. Public brandsD. Foreign environmental forces6. When a subsidiary transfers its net cash flows to a cash center that disperses the case to net receivers,the subsidiary is engaging inA. hedging.B. leading and lagging.C. transferring.D. multilateral netting.7. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed by Congress in response toA. an international demand for antitrust protection.B. a need to protect U.S. citizens from foreign laws.C. the Enron scandal.D. product liability lawsuits.8. Taking a position in one market to offset exposure to price changes in an opposite position is calledA. consolidation.B. centralization.C. hedging.D. diversification.9. Developing countries frequently see the use of used equipment in production asA. evidence the company will produce inferior products.B. a means to employ more people who will be hired to fix broken equipment.C. assurance the equipment has done its job elsewhere.D. evidence the company doesn't want to take chances on untried technology.10. _______ exposure is a currency exchange risk resulting from exposure during the consolidation ofsubsidiary financial statements.A. TranslationB. ParallelC. DerivativeD. Temporal11. The attitudes of governments toward transfer pricing isA. indifference.B. academic interest.C. suspicion.D. encouragement.12. The basic cultural decision a marketer has to make when placing a product in a foreign country iswhetherA. social taboos are implied by the product's name.B. the product will be used by men or women.C. the advertising for the product will be tasteful enough for the foreign audience.D. to position the product as foreign or local.13. Applying a total systems approach to managing the flow of materials, information, finances, andservices in a value chain is calledA. luxury brand development.B. supply chain management.C. information and technology management.D. organizational realignment.14. Including such items as maintenance, repair, operating supplies, office equipment, and other servicesand supplies, indirect procurement can account for as much as _______ percent of the total purchasingexpenditures in companies.A. 50B. 25C. 80D. 7015. Swedish safety requirements for machinery operatorsA. make imports of Swedish products popular in the U.S.B. are difficult to pin down because they vary from one machine to another.C. make exporting U.S. machines to Sweden very easy.D. are stricter than those imposed by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Act.16. When companies report on environmental and social, as well as financial results, it's calledA. convergence.B. triple bottom line.C. global edge.D. parallel management.17. Relocating activities a company used to do in-house to another country is calledA. offshoring.B. outsourcing.C. immigration.D. emigration.18. Global retailing requires that the company pay particular attention to _______ in distribution strategies.A. use of animal skins in productsB. product loyaltyC. localizationD. native company competition19. Which of the following is not a part of the total product?A. PackageEnd of examB. WarrantyC. IntegrationD. Accessories20. Of all the promotional mix elements, _______ may be the one with the greatest similarities worldwide.A. sales promotionB. personal sellingC. public relationsD. advertising


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