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Term Paper- topic that is fraud related and the book that we are using is Albrecht et al (2012).




Question;I have a term paper to do that should be at least 15 pages APA style. I am attaching requirements. It should be any topic that is fraud related and the book that we are using is Albrecht et al (2012).Term Paper Details;You;will be selecting the topic for your paper. It must be closely related to fraud;examination.;Requirements;1.;Follow APA style guidelines using in-text citations with page numbers whether;information is a direct quote or paraphrased, running head with page numbers;Arial12 point font, 1 inch margins and double spacing.;2.;Exception to APA style guidelines: Do not include an abstract.;3.;No pictures, tables, figures, etc., should be included in the body of your;paper. They can be placed in an appendix to your paper but they will not count;in the length of your paper.;4.;Length of paper: a minimum of 15 full pages with a maximum of 20 full pages;(this does NOT include the title page and reference list);5.;Use a minimum of 6 sources. In addition to primary sources, use scholarly;secondary sources (for example, Wikipedia would not be a primary or scholarly;secondary source);6.;Include the following in your paper;-title;page;-introduction;-problem;statement;-history;of the issues;-recommended;solutions;-conclusion;-reference;list;(Note;I do not mean for the introduction, problem statement, history, recommendations;and conclusion to all be on separate pages. These are the areas that will be;covered in your paper.);Paper will be submitted to Turnitin!


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