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Question;only need week 2,3,and 4Week;1-;Choose a;Company;Read;pages 346-355 to get an idea how to analyze companies. Then, skim through the;list of company case studies provided in the second half of your text.;Identify;one that you will use to complete your comprehensive Final Case Analysis. You;will have to do outside research on this company and cite your sources in APA;format on the final project, so be sure to keep a list of complete details for;all sources you use.;Submit your choice to;the instructor under the assignment tab in your course.;Week 2-;Part I-;Company Overview;Read;the case study in the text on your company thoroughly. Write a brief company;overview. In your overview, you will need to research general information on;your company started and its growth over the years. In researching your;company?s background/history, be sure to look for organizational structure;corporate leaders, and key information to give the reader a complete picture of;the company?s history and its leadership styles. Also include information on;the company?s products and services, both nationally and internationally. Be;sure to keep a list of complete details for all sources you use.;Week 3-;Part II-;Executive Summary (A);Identify;your company?s mission, vision, objectives, and posted strategies. You may need;to consult outside resources, so be sure to keep a list of complete details for;all sources you use.;Part II-;Executive Summary (B);Briefly;identify the industry in which your company operates;identifying majorcompetitors, products, trends, and market conditions;over the last five years.;Week 4-;Part III-;Internal Assessment (A);Using;the most recent on-line information you can find--such as government documents;company statements, and other sources, complete a financial analysis on your;company. Be sure to include pertinent financial ratios in your discussions.;Highlight (discuss) specific good or bad ratios that help explain the company?s;current position in the market.;Part III-;Internal Assessment (B);Find;and include a current organizational chart for your company. Then create an;improved organizational chart, followed by an explanation of why these changes;would improve the company.;Week;5-Part III-;Internal Assessment (C)Create;a market positioning map with your firm and its major competitors. Discuss the;marketing strategies of your company versus strategies of major competitors.;What are the advantages and disadvantages of your firm?s versus competitors?;market strategies?Part III-;Internal Assessment (D)Discuss the ?Value of;the Firm.? Complete a SWOT analysis and IFE Matrix.Week 6-Part IV-;External Assessment (A)Identify;and create a graphic of major competitors, identifying market share/products to;show competition in the industry. Complete a Competitive Profile Matrix, using;at least 12 factors and two competitors.Part IV-;External Assessment (B)Summarize;key industry trends for the last five years, using resources such as Standard;Poor?s Industry Surveys, or Chamber of Commerce statistics, etc.;Highlight key external trends as they impact the firm in areas such as the;economic, social, cultural, demographic, technological, political, legal;governmental, and natural environment.Week 7-Part V-;Final Case AnalysisCompile;all parts of your case analysis from the last six weeks into one document. Be;sure to include a Reference page, formatted properly, with all sources cited in;the text. (Consult Purdue University?s website or;for help). Using APA formatting (style and citations), edit and proofread your;document carefully. Format your paper with a cover page, page numbers, and;appendices for graphics or tables. Refer to the grading rubric to be sure you;have included all required parts. Submit your case analysis.


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