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Question;These assignments are essential in;the development of your understanding of the health and fitness club industry.;Your assignment is to visit the Web Sites of two (2) different;health clubs or fitness centers, evaluate them, and report on them. You are to;not only assess the facility based on the characteristics listed below, but;also on how the web site attracts you, or turns you off, as a potential customer;or client. For example, does the site get you fired up to at least visit the;facility in person? Or, does it make you want to close the web page as quickly;as possible and never look at the site again, much less visit the facility? Or;was your reaction somewhere in between? In addition, analyze the following;aspects of the athletic facility;-;Price;-;Types of memberships available;-;Equipment types and amount (weight, aquatic, racquet;sports, etc.);-;D?cor (color schemes, music, atmosphere, uniforms, etc.);-;Marketing (internal and external);-;Recreational leagues, clinics, etc.;-;Types of sport instruction offered;Number of;employees and in what capacity;Number of;administrators and in what capacity;Analysis;of clientele you believe the facility serves;Observed strengths;and weaknesses of the facility;All of the above issues should be;addressed in your reports. These reports are due on the date listed on the;syllabus assignment sheet. No late reports will be accepted! If there are;questions or concerns please contact me. Good luck and enjoy your ? visits?.;Requirements;Must be typed;Must cover the material and be two;(2) to three (3) pages for each site;Must be college work?please proof;read as well as spell check.


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