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Final Group project/presentation Part I Requirement:




Question;A. Final Group project/presentation Part I Requirement:1. Group Problem Solving Chapter 6 (Standard Normal Distribution chapter)a. Group A- 6.56 (a,b) - Undergraduate Surveyb. Group B 6.57 (a,b) - Undergraduate Surveyc. Group C- 6.58 (a,b) - Graduate Surveyd. Group D 6.59 (a,b) - Graduate SurveyB. Final Group Project/Presentation - Part II Requirement:1. ABC University Administration has hired your group as business consultants todetermine whether the University should expand its undergraduate and graduatebusiness programs to an offsite location or multiple locations. With your group work,you will observe and analyze undergraduate or graduate student data. Your group willaddress the problem or issue given. Based on your results from your group work inchapter 6 and work from previous group assignments in the semester, your group willdiscuss the results of your group recent chapter 6 assignments and how the resultscan assist the ABC University administrators in their business decision makingprocess. Also, you should suggest what other information concerning the differenttypes of errors might be useful to examine, and offer possible courses of actions forthe University administration or management might use to guide the ABC Universityin the direction of future success and increased revenue growth.C. Prepare an analysis report to be submitted to the ABC University Administration. Youshould include the following information in your report:1. Cover page. Please use business design. You should also include your name.2. Background and objective of the project.3. Data analysis. It should include all the tables, charts, and detailed analysis. Please note thatfor each of the datasets that you present, you should also clearly analyze the pattern of thedata and provide insightful inferences related to the objective of the project.4. Conclusions and suggestions.5. Appendix, if any.Note: Please check the attached evaluation rubric for the report.Project due policy:The project should be submitted on time. Project handed in during the week after it is due will bepenalized by 25% deduction. Project handed in during the second week after it is due will bepenalized by 50% deduction. No submission will be acceptable after that.Evaluation Rubric for QAS 228 Project ReportCriteriaCover pageA (20 points)B(15 points)C(10 points)D(5 points)Clear and good business design which isrelated to the project.Clear design with a title.Background andobjective of theprojectClearly explain the background andcondition of the company, and the reasonsfor the company to start the project.Clearly explain either thebackground of the company, orthe reasons to start the project,but do not have both.Have explained either thebackground or the objectives ofthe project, but the explanationsare irrelevant.No background andobjective of the project.Data analysisFor each of the four datasets: choose anappropriate chart to present the data byusing Excel, clearly analyze the pattern ofthe data, provide insightful inferencesrelated to the objective of the project.For the four datasets, eitherchoose an appropriate chart topresent the data by using Excel,or clearly analyze the pattern ofthe data and provide clearinferences related to the objectiveof the project, but do not haveboth.For the four datasets, choose achart to present the data but thechart is inappropriate and donot obtain information aboutthe pattern of the data.Miss charts for the datasets.Draw reasonable conclusions based ondata analysis, provide insightfulsuggestions for management.Draw reasonable conclusionsbased on data analysis, but do notprovide clear suggestions formanagement.Have conclusions orsuggestions, but is unrelated todata analysis or the objective ofthe paper.Miss conclusions andsuggestions.The report is well constructed, nogrammatical or spelling errors.The report is generally clear butthe transition or flow is difficultin some places, or fewgrammatical /spelling errors.The concepts and ideaspresented in the report areloosely connected, or severalgrammatical/spelling errors.The concepts and ideaspresented in the report areunclear, or pervasivegrammatical/spelling errors.Conclusions andsuggestions


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