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strayer bus309 week 1 Academic Integrity Quiz




Question;Question 1;1 out of 1 points;Correct;The ?Student Handbook? at Strayer University includes;detailed information on Strayer University?s Academic Integrity Policy.;Question 2;1 out of 1 points;Correct;You do not have to cite information or ideas that you;summarize or paraphrase (put it into your own words).;Question 3;1 out of 1 points;Correct;Fabricating a quotation or a source, copying an essay or;article from the Internet or an electronic database without quoting or giving;credit to the original author are examples of intentional plagiarism.;Question 4;0 out of 1 points;Incorrect;Citing inaccurately or paraphrasing by only changing a few;words without changing the sentence structure are examples of unintentional;plagiarism.;Question 5;1 out of 1 points;Correct;A student cannot be penalized for ?unintentional;plagiarism?.;Question 6;1 out of 1 points;Correct;It is not important to find reputable and valid sources over;the Internet for your research.;Question 7;1 out of 1 points;Correct;Facts that are known by a large number of people and that do;not have to be cited are called ?common knowledge??;Question 8;1 out of 1 points;Correct;Academic Integrity policy guidelines are not applicable to;threaded discussions in online courses.;Question 9;1 out of 1 points;Correct;Turnitin is a software platform that utilizes the Internet's;capabilities by allowing essays to be evaluated for plagiarism.;Question 10;1 out of 1 points;Correct;At Strayer University, depending upon the nature and extent;of the offense, potential sanctions against a student found committing an;Academic Integrity violation may include any of the following: a written;warning, grade reduction or failing grade on the assignment involved, grade;reduction or failing grade in the course, suspension, expulsion, or;revocation of a degree.


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