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Change Leadership




Question;Topic: Change Leadershipessay format.Use the title as your header for the essay. For example, "Larry Ellison to Step Aside as Oracle CEO"4. List the question that you are answering in the essay as your section header.Ensure that your essay contains a minimum of 500 words. Use the word counter feature on your computer. (Conduct spelling and grammar check before posting.)Give credit to your source(s) and site at least three sources at the end of your essay. Tell us where you gathered the information to for your essay. If it came from an online article, then you must also post the link. It if came from a textbook, provide name of book, author, year, and page numbers where we can find the supporting information.Avoid plagiarism and rephrase the sentences into your own words, rather the copying directly from the sources!Larry Ellison to Step Aside as Oracle CEOby: Shira OvideSep 19, 2014SUMMARY: Larry Ellison, a college dropout who built Oracle, America's largest and most prominent technology companies, is stepping down as chief executive in a momentous Silicon Valley handover. Mr. Ellison, 70 years old, a brash personality who engaged in public fights with rivals and gobbled up potential competitors, has been the only CEO at Oracle.CLASSROOM APPLICATION: Founder CEO retirements and leadership change are challenging for organizations as they represent a significant shift for the organization. Replacing a founding CEO is often complex for new leaders attempting to fill the role of the founder as well as make changes within the organization. This article discusses the retirement of Oracle's founding CEO and his replacement by co-CEOs.QUESTIONS:1. What is Larry Ellison's personality? How did this impact his leadership approach?2. What is Larry Ellison's leadership legacy? How did his leadership shape Oracle?3. Who will replace Larry Ellison at Oracle? What are the leadership challenges facing the new CEO?


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