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WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENTS training and development and Authority, Leadership, and Supervision




Question;WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENTSChapter 11 ? Training and Development: The Backbone of Motivation and RetentionQUESTIONS1.What is the relationship of orientation, training, and staff development to motivation?2.Identify the specific content of the orientation program for which the department manageris responsible.3. Describe in detail your understanding of the differences between ?on-the-job training? and?mentoring.?4.Compare and contrast what you see as the relative advantages and disadvantages ofsending employees for educational experiences externally versus providing as mucheducation as possible in-house.Chapter 12 ? Authority, Leadership, and SupervisionQUESTIONS1. Describe the concept of informal authority and state how this differs from formal authority.2. What is to be gained by including employees in the manager?s decision-making process whenever practical?3. How can job knowledge or technical expertise be a form of power or authority?4. What is the principle advantage of mentoring?5. What is?or should be?the primary purpose of the overwhelming majority of disciplinary processes?6. What is the essential difference between power and influence?


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