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BUSN - Sales Forecasting and Production Levels




Question;Section II: Sales Forecasting and Production Levels:Assume that you are the brand manager for SUGL (which is targeted toward SHOPPERS), and that the forecasted demand next period in each of the sonite market segments is as follows:EXPLORERS SHOPPERS HI EARNERS SAVERS PROFESSIONALS290,000 460,000 380,000 500,000 400,000Last period brand SUGL had the following market shares across each of the segments:EXPLORERS SHOPPERS HI EARNERS SAVERS PROFESSIONALS3.0% 30.0% 10.0% 8.0% 5.0%1. Based on this information, calculate next period?s sales forecast for SUGL. Show your work.2. Assuming that there are 15,000 units of SUGL already in inventory, how many units of SUGL should be produced next period (to end up with 0 units)? Show your work.


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