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Question;Comprehensive Midterm;Assignment ? Version 2;Your Name;Course;Session;Answer the following four questions. Be sure to answer all parts of;the questions thoroughly. (25 points each);1. Alyssa?s;Custom Cakes currently sells 5 birthday, 2 wedding, and 3 specialty cakes each;month for $50, $150, and $100 each, respectively. It takes 90 minutes to;produce a birthday cake, 240 minutes to produce a wedding cake, and 60 minutes;to produce a specialty cake. Alyssa?s current multifactor productivity ratio is;1.25.;a) Use;the multifactor productivity ratio provided to calculate the average cost of;the cakes produced.;b) Calculate;Alyssa?s labor productivity ratio in dollars per hour for each type of cake.;c) Based;solely on the labor productivity ratio which cake should Alyssa try to sell the;most.;d) Based;on your answer in part (a), is there a type of cake Alyssa should stop selling?;2. Consider;the following data for a project never before attempted by your company;a) Draw the network diagram;for this project.;b) Identify the;critical path and estimate the project?s duration.;c) Calculate the slack;for each activity.;Activity;Expected Time (weeks);Immediate Predecessor(s);A;5;-----;B;3;-----;C;z2;A;D;5;B;E;4;C, D;F;7;D;3. Suppose;you are in charge of a large mailing to the alumni of your college, inviting;them to contribute to a scholarship fund. The letters and envelopes have been;individually addressed (mailing labels were not used). The letters are to be;processed (matched with correct envelope, time estimated to be 0.2 minutes;each), folded (0.12 minutes each), and stuffed into the correct envelope (0.10;minutes each). The envelopes are to be sealed (0.05 minutes each), and a large;commemorative stamp is to be placed in the upper right hand corner of each;envelope (0.10 minutes each).;a) Make;a process chart for this activity, assuming that it is a one person operation.;b) Estimate;how long it will take to stuff, seal, and stamp 2,000 envelopes. Assume that;the person doing this work is paid $8 per hour. How much will it cost to;process 2,000 letters?;c) Consider;each of the following process changes. Which changes would reduce the time and;cost of the current process?;? Each;letter has the same greeting ?Dear Alumnus or Alumna,? instead of the person?s;name.;? Mailing;labels are used and have to be put on the envelopes (0.10 minutes each).;? Pre-stamped;envelopes are used.;? Envelopes;are stamped by postage meter which can stamp 200 letter per minute.;? Window;envelopes are used.;? A;pre-addressed envelope is included with each letter for contributions (adds;0.05 minutes to stuffing step);d) Would;any of these changes be likely to reduce the effectiveness of the mailing? If;so, which ones? Why?;e) Would;the changes that increase time and cost be likely to increase the effectiveness;of the mailing? Why or why not?;4. Jim?s;Outfitters, Inc., makes custom fancy shirts for cowboys. The shirts could be;flawed in cautious ways, including flaws in the weave or color of the fabric;loose buttons or decorations, wrong dimensions, and uneven stitches. Jim;randomly examined 10 shirts, with the following results;Shirt;Defects;1;8;2;0;3;7;4;12;5;5;6;10;7;2;8;4;9;6;10;6;a) Assuming;that 10 observations are adequate for these purposes, determine the three sigma;control limits for defects per shirt.;b) Suppose;that the next shirt has 13 flaws. What can you say about the process now?


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