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Partner A and Partner B software business




Question;Two;partners have started up a software business, Partner A and Partner B. The;business is yet to pull in any revenue because there have been substantial;problems with the product. The business is at a point now where in 6 months?;time the product should be ready to pull in revenue.;Partner A has been out of work for the full 2 years forgoing any wages he would;usually receive. His usual income would probably be at about 150k a year.;Partner A has contributed 15k to the overall project in the meantime in actual;funds.;Partner B runs his own business and has been funding the business venture and;has put in close to 110k so far over the 2 year period. Partner B also puts in;time here and there however not compared to the effort that Partner A has put;in and not of the value that Partner A has put in.;Partner B believes he should be paid his money back because that was actual;funds that were put into the business. Partner A believes he has put sufficient;sweat equity into the business and is only asking for a 50/50 split as the;company makes money.;At the moment, there are no forgone wages on the books for any of the time that;both Partners have spent on the business. Partner A will be seeking employment;elsewhere also to generate an income in the meantime before product launch.;Once the business starts to make money, how should the split between partners;work?;Should Partner A push to have the paper loss put on the books for his upcoming;employment? If so, how can that benefit him? How will this affect the valuation;of the business?;How should the sweat equity of Partner A be calculated?;Should it be based on forgone wages? Should it be higher/lower?;What are any issues that may arise from such an agreement and how should such a;dispute be handled legally?;The preference here is of course to preserve the working relationship but to;also be fair in the outcome.


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