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Final Project Part VIII




Question;Complete a comprehensive report that;details your suggestions to MSO. Look through it in totality to ensure that;each part fits well, that it looks professional, and that it contains all the;necessary information.;You are a consultant who is engaged by MSO to suggest ways to deal with the;internal fallout that resulted from the current legal crisis experience by the;company's founder. This internal fallout includes (a) a sagging morale of;managers and employees, (b) failing leadership credibility, and (c) an;inadequate and confused internal communications structure. The ultimate goal of;this report is to provide guidelines for restoring investor, employee, and;customer confidence.;Follow these guidelines while creating your report.;Remember that you are making recommendations to the management of MSO. All;deliverables should look professional, be consistent, and provide usable;information that management can implement.(This assignment mimics what a;consultant would actually produce for a client company).;? Start the report with an analysis (not a recounting) of the history of MSO;from the beginning to the situation of the present crisis.;? Your recommendations must be sequential and cohesive.;? The crisis has created extensive negative consequences in three broad;organizational areas for MSO management: employee relations, communication, and;leadership credibility. Your final project will develop a planned change with;the goal of resolving these problems.;o Discuss one or more motivational theories that you recommend be used to;overcome the current issues with the sagging morale. How would you integrate;these theories into MSO?s MBO, employee recognition, and compensation plan?;o Discuss the changes that need to be made in the communication model at MSO.;Discuss how these changes should be implemented. How will you know if the change;is successful?;o Discuss the powers that are held prior to her conviction and implications of;her conviction upon those powers. What would you recommend to MSO in terms of a;new influence and authority model one Stewart returns to the company?;? Your report should be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that will be;presented to MSO management. Create an executive summary of your report that;highlights the most important issues and solutions outlined in your report. It;should explain your philosophy on planned change and organizational development;and how you will go about implementing your recommendations. Recall a best;practice of PowerPoint, which recommends you keep the number of words on each;slide to a minimum and place the bulk of your discussion in the notes section;of the slide.;Submit a PowerPoint presentation that is a comprehensive report using;information from each of your weekly reports. Be sure to either begin or;conclude with an Executive Summary.


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