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HR Assignment - Part 2




Question;Question 1 Which of the following is a standard feature of a modern HRIS that allows the user to sort data by fields?;Answer;HRM auditExpert systemRelational databaseTransaction processingQuestion 2 What investments can contribute to a high performance organization?;Answer;Recruitment, training and development, job design, and performance managementRecruitment, occupational intimacy, ethical behavior, and organizational structureRecruitment, training and development, ethical behavior, and organizational structureRecruitment, occupational intimacy, ethical behavior, and performance managementQuestion 3 Which of the following is an HRM function that promotes ethical behavior?;Answer;Performance managementAttract workersRecruit workersQuestion;4 An organization that values and supports life-long learning by;continually acquiring and sharing knowledge is which of the following?;Answer;Continuous learningTransaction processingDecision supportLearning organizationQuestion 5 Which of the following BEST describes a formal review of the outcomes of HRM functions?;Answer;Expert systemHRM auditOnline e-HRMHR dashboard;Question 6 In a high performance work system, organizational structure promotes;Answer;job efficiency and high quality.high performance of organizational goals.ability to perform current and future jobs.cooperation, learning, and improvement.Question 7 Which of the following is the BEST way for HR to improve efficiency within an organization?;Answer;By using fewer and less costly resourcesBy setting up a performance management systemBy selecting the type of employees that thrive in the organizationBy creating extensive training and development activities1. Which of the following is a benefit of using HRM technology?2. AnswerIt helps create conditions that contribute to teamwork and job satisfactionIt helps monitor economic conditions, customer satisfaction, and performanceIt reduces the number of routine tasks so HR can focus more on organizational goalsIt creates a need for extensive training and development for managementQuestion 9 A high-performance work system achieves organizational goals by;Answer;treating technology, organizational structure, and HR as if they are unrelated.the right combination of people, technology, and organizational structure.making changes without considering the impact on employees.realizing that success does not depend on how well the elements work together.Question 10 Which of the following BEST describes when employees are valued?;Answer;Learning is rewarded, promoted, and supported by managers and objectivesThe organization recognizes that employees are the source of its knowledgeThe organization must be committed to learning and willing to share what they have learnedThe organization shifts focus to generating and sharing knowledge instead of teaching


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