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Orion Corporation




Question;Orion Corporation Balance Sheet;Year;Cash;$400 Accounts Payable;$ 150;Accounts;Receivable;250 Accrued Wages;1,000;Inventory;1,200 Notes Payable;500;Net fixed;Assets;6,000 Common;Stock;3,200;Retained;Earnings;3,000;Totals;Assets;$7,850 Total Liabilities;$ Equity $ 7,850;Orion Corporation has just developed;a new type of microchip. Orion expects sales will quadruple, from $5,000;in year0 to $20,000 in year1 (next year). This is expected to result in a net;income of $4,000 in Year 1. Orion pays 80% of their net income in;dividends. Orion has a plenty of excess capacity and believe that they will not;need any additional fixed assets to achieve the increase in sales for;year1. Will Orion need any additional funding for year1? Will Orion Need;any additional funding for YEAR1? If so how much? If not how much excess;do they have? Show all work.


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