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Strayer BUS335 discussion questions week 8




Question;NEED BY 4PM(EST)Marketing-"Elements of Promotion;Mix" Please;respond to the following:(200 words + for each);Debate It;The majority of promotional activities are deceptive. Provide a rationale;for your responseStaffing organizations-"Technology Impact on Human;Resources;Please respond to the following:(200 words + for each);Based on the;e-Activity and textbook, specify three (3) advantages and three (3);disadvantages to utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems. Next, suggest two;(2) potential solutions for improving Human Resource Information Systems;operations. Justify your response.Debate;whether or not applicant systems sometimes make it too easy for;unqualified applicants to apply for positions, so staffing managers and;recruitment staff have to spend more time reviewing possible candidates.;Next, suggest two (2) possible solutions to reduce the number of;unqualified candidates who apply through applicant systems. Provide;support for your rationale.


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