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Strayer Bus 302 week 2 Quiz




Question;Strayer Bus 302 week 2 Quiz;? Question;1;An accountant with ____ has the;ability to create a budget, compare the budget to the actual income statement;and determine unnecessary expenses.;? Question;2;Lorenzo Fluza is the owner and;CEO of the company that makes Camper shoes. Mintzberg would describe Lorenzo;Fluza as fulfilling the leader role within the organization. This means he;spends much of his time;? Question;3;To achieve its goal of increased;market share, Krispy Kreme launched a program in Palm Beach County, Florida;that awards grade-school students a free doughnut for every A on their report;cards. Which management function was used to create this program?;? Question;4;The marketing manager of;Interstate Bakeries was asked to meet with the organization's research and;development department to explain why the company needed to change its;25-year-old package design for Twinkies. The marketing manager took on an;interpersonal role as;? Question;5;Coca-Cola and PepsiCo spent a;total of $75 million to launch mid-calorie sodas. The new brands grabbed a;combined market share of less than 1 percent. Coke?s and PepsiCo?s ____ would;be responsible for determining that the product should be deleted from each of;their product lines.;? Question;6;One of the primary reasons for;the slow response to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina was an antiquated;government system that was bogged down in bureaucratic red tape. In other;words, the failure of assistance to arrive in a timely fashion was due to a;lack of;? Question;7;After the makers of Wonder Bread;declared bankruptcy, their objectives were to increase revenues by at least 5;percent and reduce net losses by at least 80 percent. Which management function;is used to set these goals and help the company meet them?;? Question;8;Hormel Foods had to recall;104,000 pounds of Stagg canned chili?labeled "hearty beef with a kick of;green chilies"?after the kick turned out to come from the ground-up parts;of a plastic handheld calculator. The recall was the application of which;management function?;? Question;9;are responsible for creating;a positive organizational culture through language and action.;? Question;10;A U.S. Marine drill instructor;motivating new recruits to challenge themselves is engaged in which management;function?;? Question;11;A manager striving to improve;organizational is;accomplishing tasks that help achieve organizational objectives.;? Question;12;The informational role managers?;play when they share information they have collected with their subordinates;and others in the company is called the ____ role.;? Question;13;Typical responsibilities for;include setting objectives consistent with organizational goals and then;planning and implementing the subunit strategies for achieving these goals.;? Question;14;Creating a competitive advantage;through people relies heavily on the use of which skill to reward people for;providing exceptional customer service?;? Question;15;is defined as getting work;done through others.


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