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Question;You?ve just been promoted to be;the line supervisor for Ames Awesome Candies Company. Immediately, you get;a call that Finance noticed a cost variance in your;department. It appears that you are consuming too few;ingredients for your scheduled output. A box of Special Mixed;Candies is supposed to be 140 ounces, and your annual bonus is paid on how;close you manage your per/unit costs. To begin analyzing the;process, you ask your fill machine operator to record the weights of 9;candy cartons each hour for the next 11 hours.;Ames Awesome Candy: Sample Weights;Batch;Wgt. 1;Wgt. 2;Wgt. 3;Wgt. 4;Wgt. 5;Wgt. 6;Wgt. 7;Wgt. 8;Wgt. 9;1;136.97;133.6;138.84;142.4;142.14;143.98;130.47;137.2;137.2;2;141.78;134.25;133.22;132.17;131.63;134.63;135.33;130.7;130.7;3;136.05;136.61;138.46;136.74;136.87;136.72;142.63;137.7;137.7;4;137.36;136.23;144.81;140.99;146.2;135.75;143.73;132.43;132.43;5;139.86;141.12;144.62;137.71;136.19;140.33;136.69;140.61;140.61;6;133.02;135.08;132.76;136.75;137.89;138.09;136.88;145.57;145.57;7;125.99;135.46;129.11;142.99;133.58;147.89;140.61;139.61;145.61;8;141.01;140.06;133.26;134.15;140.39;139.12;134.76;137.17;137.17;9;138.45;139.92;138.48;134.86;144.5;139.68;138.25;140.86;140.86;10;140.98;135.8;134.81;141.83;133.86;132.62;140.45;140.21;140.21;11;145.61;142.98;142.5;138.39;138.01;139.56;137.91;134.37;134.37;What;is UCLR?;a.;Less than 18.00;b.;Between 18.00 and 20.00;c.;Between 20.00 and 23.00;d.;Between 23.00 and 26.00;QUESTION 2;What;is LCLR?;a.;Less than 0.50;b.;Between 0.51 and 2.00;c.;Between 2.01 and 3.00;d.;Between 3.01 and 4.50;QUESTION 3;All;points on the R-chart are within the control limits.;True;False;QUESTION 4;What;is UCLX?;a.;Less than 140.00;b.;Between 140.00 and 142.00;c.;Between 142.01 and 143.00;d.;Between 143.01 and 144.00;e.;Between 144.01 and 145.00;QUESTION 5;What;is CLX? (i.e. X-double bar);a.;Less than 135.00;b.;Between 135.00 and 135.99;c.;Between 136.00 and 136.99;d.;Between 137.00 and 137.99;e.;Between 138.00 and 138.99;QUESTION 6;What;is LCLX?;a.;Less than 133.00;b.;Between 133.01 and 134.00;c.;Between 134.01 and 135.00;d.;Between 135.01 and 136.00;e.;Between 136.01 and 137.50;QUESTION 7;All;points on the X-bar chart are within the control limits.;True;False;QUESTION 8;Is the;candy making process considered in control?;a.;No. All points on the r-chart are within the control;limits.;b.;Yes. All points on the r-chart and x-bar chart are;within the control limits.;c.;Yes. All points on the x-bar chart are within the control;limits.;d.;No. Not all points on the r-chart or;x-bar chart are within the control limits;QUESTION 9;Use;the below information for the next 8 questions;The Martingale, Northern Iowa Little Theater is planning its;first play for the upcoming season. However, due to illness of one;of their key board members, they are behind schedule. Their;President, Laura Rainwater, has used Project Management principles to lay out;the task relationships, and she finds they do not have enough time to make the;performance date if they follow the traditional schedule as outlined below.;Laura has come up with a list of tasks, their time requirements, and their;relationships. She has also begun a network diagram, but needs to;know what to do next. She knows that she needs to reduce the total time by 4;weeks.;Activity;Duration (weeks);Crash Time (weeks);Description;Preceding Activity(ies);Crashing Cost/Week;A;12;Select Play;-;B;2;Select Director and Producer;A;C;4;2;Director/Producer Select Staff;B;$1,000;D;5;4;Auditions for Cast;B;$1,500;E;11;8;Construct Set/Sound/Lighting;C;$2,000;F;8;6;Costumes & Makeup;C,D;$1,000;G;4;Promotions/Ticket Sales;D;H;12;9;Rehearsals;D;$500;I;2;Dress Rehearsal;E,F,H;J;2;Performance;G,I;What is the slack time for activity G?;a.;4;b.;10;c.;11;d.;12;QUESTION 10;What;is the earliest start time for activity I?;a.;23;b.;27;c.;29;d.;30;e.;31;QUESTION 11;What;is the latest finish time for activity D?;a.;19;b.;23;c.;29;d.;30;QUESTION 12;Which;of the following is the critical path?;a.;ABDGJ;b.;ABDFIJ;c.;ABCEIJ;d.;ABDHIJ;e.;ABCFIJ;QUESTION 13;What;is the expected duration of the project?;a.;26 weeks;b.;31 weeks;c.;33 weeks;d.;35 weeks;e.;57 weeks;QUESTION 14;What;is the minimum completion time for the project after crashing?;a.;26 weeks;b.;29 weeks;c.;31 weeks;d.;33 weeks;e.;35 weeks;QUESTION 15;What;is the critical path after crashing? (i.e. The longest path for which no;additional crashing is possible.);a.;ABDGJ;b.;ABDFIJ;c.;ABCEIJ;d.;ABDHIJ;e.;ABCFIJ;QUESTION 16;If;Laura has a budget of only $2,000 for crashing costs, what is the shortest;possible completion time?;a.;26 weeks;b.;29 weeks;c.;31 weeks;d.;33 weeks;e.;35 weeks;QUESTION 17;Which;one of the following best describes the critical path of a project;network?;a.;The sequence of activities between a project?s start and;finish that takes the longest time to complete;b.;The sequence of activities between a project?s start and;finish that has the maximum amount of activity slack;c.;The sequence of activities between a project?s start and;finish that has the minimum amount of activity slack;d.;Both A and C;e.;Both A and B;QUESTION 18;Shown;below is a network diagram and associated activity times for a project you;are managing.;What is the slack for activity G?;a.;Less than or equal to 5 weeks;b.;Greater than 5 weeks but less or equal to 10 weeks;c.;Greater than 10 weeks but less than or equal to 15 weeks;d.;Greater than 15 weeks but less than or equal to 20 weeks;e.;Greater than 20 weeks;QUESTION 19;A;Work Breakdown Structure ___________________?;a.;lists all the activities making up the higher levels of;the project;b.;defines the hierarchy of project tasks, subtasks, and work;steps;c.;is incompatible with the Critical Path Method;d.;is a Gantt chart;e.;lists the materials necessary to build the project;QUESTION 20;ISO;9000 is primarily concerned with which of the following management;systems?;a.;Environmental;b.;Safety;c.;Logistics;d.;Quality;QUESTION 21;Use;the following information to answer questions 21-24.;Brenda Barker, VP of Supply Chain Management for Yellow Machines;Inc. was reviewing a report that detailed the companies supply chain;performance. She discovered that on average, if they paid for materials on, for;example, day 2 of the fiscal year, they would get paid by their direct;customers who bought the product the material went into on day 20 of the fiscal;year. In addition, 85 out of every 100 customer orders were delivered to their;customers by the agreed upon delivery date, 7 out of every 10 orders were;filled complete, on-time, and without damage, and 95 out of every 100 orders to;supply chain members were electronic.;The supply chain delivery performance for Yellow Machines;Inc. was?;a.;10%;b.;85%;c.;70%;d.;95%;QUESTION 22;The;supply chain e-business performance for Yellow Machines, Inc. was?;a.;10%;b.;85%;c.;70%;d.;95%;QUESTION 23;The;cash-to-cash cycle time for Yellow Machines, Inc. was?;a.;5 days;b.;7 days;c.;15 days;d.;18 days;QUESTION 24;The;supply chain perfect order fulfillment performance for Yellow Machines;Inc. was?;a.;10%;b.;85%;c.;70%;d.;95%;QUESTION 25;Which;of the following activities will reduce supply chain risk?;a.;Inventory reduction;b.;Increasing the number of suppliers;c.;Using overseas rather than U.S. suppliers;d.;Increasing safety stock amounts;e.;B and D


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