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UMUC mini case 4




Question;Mini-Case 4 assignment: Research and answer the following questions.;You are a headhunter (executive recruiter). You have been given the;assignment to find candidates for a manager's position in an NGO that;specializes in providing sustainable, potable water to rural;communities. The individual who gets the job will be working for several;years in three different countries, working with the NGO's local staffs;in helping people in rural areas build and maintain water purification;systems. Based on what you have learned about human resources and the;public sector, what are the three most important qualifications you will;be looking for in the person to fill this specific job, and why is each;of these qualifications important?;Use this week's assigned readings, along with any additional Internet;research you feel is necessary, to complete this assignment. This may;take independent research beyond the weekly readings to fully answer;this question.


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