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Question;1) Which of the following represent types of interests?a) Advocacy groupsb) Special interestc) Activist groupsd) All of the above2) Which of the following is not an organized interest group that directly impacts the automo-bile industry?a) United Auto Workersb) Trial lawyersc) American Association of Automobile Manufacturersd) Mothers Against Drunk Driving3) Which of the following is not a primary public institution in the nonmarket environ-ment?a) Legislaturesb) The executive branchc) The World Courtd) Administrative agencies4) Which of the following is a powerful force for providing information to officeholdersregarding the likely consequences of policy alternative for their constituents and thepublic more broadly?a) United Auto Workersb) Newspapers from advocates of some positionc) Lobbyingd) None is correct5) Which one of the following makes up the Administrative and regulatory agenciesarena in which nonmarket issues for the automobile industry are addressed?a) Congressb) Environmental Protection Agencyc) European Uniond) All of the aboveUnit 1 Examination30Business and Society6) Which auto company was targeted by the environmental groups seeking to mobilizethe public to support greater fuel economy?a) General Motorsb) Hummerc) Toyotad) Saturn7) Which of the following is NOT a source of nonmarket issues?a) Moral concernsb) Institutional changec) Interest group activityd) Crash of the stock market8) What is the following new theory called: ?under which firms could be held liable iftheir stock prices fell significantly when the firms? projections of future earnings hadbeen favorable?a) Fraud on the marketb) Fraud on the nonmarketc) The common factord) Collective deception9) In terms of strategy and nonmarket issue life cycle, Nike found itself reacting to whatrather than shaping the development of the issue?a) The government onlyb) Their own culturec) Others? actionsd) None are correct10) Nonmarket issue life cycle and strategy ranges from what to what on the continuumof time?a) Issue identification, enforcementb) Interest group formation, enforcementc) Legislation, administrationd) Issue identification, administrationUnit 1 Examination31Business and Society11) The most effective means of integrating nonmarket strategies and market strategies isto what?a) Consider both strategiesb) Consider only nonmarket strategiesc) Consider only market strategiesd) Consider neither but come up with new strategies12) ______ is a foundation for market or competitive strategy because it is a source ofcompetitive advantage.a) Timingb) Lobbyingc) Positioningd) Marketing13) Nonmarket positioning is influenced by a firm?sa) finances.b) market strategy.c) customers.d) competition.14) What was the primary concern for eBay in its positioning for a certain type of space?a) Marketb) Consumerc) Legald) Moral15) The collection of diverse interests, viewpoints, and preferences of the individuals insociety is known as what?a) Public individualialityb) Common sensec) Public sentimentd) Public wants and demandsUnit 1 Examination32Business and Society16) BP managed its environment in many ways. One way that it solidified its positioningrelative to the natural environment was to what?a) Move away from oil production and distribution of gasolineb) Change its symbol and sloganc) Join the Green Partyd) Appoint only environmentalists to its Board of Directors17) Law-making and rule-making take place in what type of space?a) Socialb) Legalc) Politicald) Commercial18) What space has Microsoft largely ignored, relying instead on its aggressive approachto markets?a) Legalb) Public sentimentc) Politicald) Nonmarket19) Positioning can also have its perils. Which of the following companies has been lob-bied heavily to increase its commitment to its own causes?a) Xeroxb) GMc) Microsoftd) Starbucks20) Firms deploy nonmarket capabilities to do what?a) Add valueb) Beat the competitionc) Create new marketsd) Try new strategiesUnit 1 Examination33Business and Society21) Which of the following are parts of the framework for the analysis of nonmarket is-sues?a) Screeningb) Analysisc) Choiced) All of the above22) The societal significance perspective of news media coverage assumes the followingroles, except:a) maintaining democracyb) the First Amendment protects the news media in assuming its role in thesocietyc) informing citizens of unjust behaviord) protecting the government, the president and the Congress from themselves23) Using the Audience Interest/Societal Significance continuum, which of the followingrates highest on both?a) Povertyb) Environmental protectionc) International traded) The economy24) Which of the following makes an issue more newsworthy?a) The degree of urgencyb) A celebrity being involved with an issuec) If the issue contains controversy or conflictd) All are correct answers25) According to well-known journalist Edwin Newman, ?What is news on television oftendepends on _____________??a) what the editor wants coveredb) where your reporters and cameramen arec) what the month isd) what you covered last


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