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giving the major details of risk contingency and risk mitigation.




Question;You have done a great job giving the major details of risk contingency and risk mitigation. Risk contingency planning focuses on having a plan which will be used if the risk actually comes about and happens. Risk mitigation is the plan used prior to the risk taking place to reduce its chances of happening or reduce its impact.1. As you look at different manufacturers over the last several years such as Firestone - tires, Graco ? baby car seats, and now Toyota concerning a sticking gas pedal. What risk are these organizations running by being reluctant in participating in a recall of their product?In reality, this may not be the case. When I teach students to build a work breakdown structure, I don't emphasize order just yet, because my main goal is to make sure we have all the bases covered in identifying tasks. Order and sequencing come along when we start to build the network diagram.2. We are seeing that the tools we discussed here are great resources in understanding the details of the project. How could these tools assist you in your communications with your customer ? especially those conversations involving managing the scope of the project?


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