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History of Accounting- Topic #4




Question;History;of Accounting Trace the field and the practice back to its creation.;What caused its creation, and how was accounting conducted in the;beginning. Investigate when governments first instituted accounting;laws. Find out why the government started creating rules and laws to;govern accounting. Compare and contrast the laws from different;governments. Discover new laws during your research. Identify the impact;new laws have on the accounting field. Identify major changes that have;occurred over the last 10 years in the field. How did the Enron and;Arthur Anderson scandals change the field of accounting?Parameters;for paper: ? Cover Page o Term Paper Title o Student Name o Course;Section: AA-1 (4:25 to 6:55) or AA-2 (7:00 to 9:45) o Certification of;Authorship (see below) ? Between 12 & 15 pages. ? Double-spaced. ?;Font: Arial. ? Font Size: 12. ? Use of APA format for citations. ?;Reference Pages must be included.


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