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Question;1. NET;PRESENT VALUE ANALYSIS;The following are data;for two IT projects for a new database system. Prepare a spreadsheet for two;projects, using the following data. Amounts are in thousands of dollars.;Calculate the NPV for each. (Please assume a Discount Rate of 10%);Year 1;Year 2;Year 3;Year 4;Year 5;Total;Project 1;Benefits;$0;$2,000;$3,000;$4,000;$5,000;tbd;Costs;$5,000;$1,000;$1,000;$1,000;$1,000;tbd;Cashflow;($5,000);$1,000;$2,000;$3,000;$4,000;$5,000;Project 2;Benefits;$2,000;$3,000;$5,000;$3,000;$1,000;tbd;Costs;$2,000;$2,000;$2,000;$2,000;$1,000;tbd;Cashflow;$0;$1,000;$3,000;$1,000;$0;$5,000;2.;NETWORK DIAGRAMMING;Prepare a precedence;diagram for the following tasks. All tasks have a finish-to-start;relationship.;Task;Duration;Preceded By;Followed By;A;1;None;B, C, D;B;2;A;E;C;3;A;E, F;D;4;A;G;E;5;B, C;F;F;6;C;H;G;7;D;H;H;8;E, F, G;None;3. GANTT CHART;Prepare a Gantt chart;for the tasks shown for question 2.;4.;CRITICAL PATH;Determine the critical;path for the tasks shown for question 2.;5. RESOURCE HISTOGRAM;Your company is;planning to launch a new IT project starting July 1 that will last one year.;You estimate that you will need one full-time project manager, two full-time;business analysts for the first six months, two full-time senior systems;analysts for the whole year,four programmers for the months of February-May;and one full-time technical writer for the last three months. Create a;stacked column chart using Excel that shows resources by month. Provide;appropriate titles, axes labels, and legends.;6. MBTI;Take the MBTI. There;are several websites you can use:;, and Write a one-page summary;discussing your MBTI type and its opposite MBTI type. For example, if you are;an INTJ, then its opposite is ESFP. What challenges would you see working;with this person on a project? What you think about the MBTI as a;team-building tool?;7. PROJECT SELECTION;Your IT consulting;company is trying to decide which of four projects to bid. Information on;each is in the table below. Assume that all up-front investments are not;recovered, so they are shown as negative profits. Draw a diagram and;calculate the expected monetary value (EMV) for each project. Write a;paragraph explaining which project(s) you would choose to bid.;Project;Chance ofOutcome;EstimatedProfit;Project 1;50%;50%;$120,000;-$50,000;Project 2;30%;40%;30%;$100,000;$50,000;-$60,000;Project 3;70%;30%;$20,000;-$5,000;Project 4;30%;30%;20%;20%;$40,000;$30,000;$20,000;-$50,000;8. PARETO;DIAGRAM;Your company has a;technical support line for customers to call. Create a Pareto diagram based;on the information in the following table. Create a spreadsheet using these;data. List the most frequent complaint first. Then add a column labeled;% of Total" and another labeled "Cumulative %". Then;enter formulas to calculate these items. Then use the Excel Chart Wizard to;create a Pareto diagram based on the data. Use the Line - Column on 2 Axis;custom type chart so that your resulting chart looks similar to the one in;Figure 8-1.;Customer Complaints;Frequency/Week;Customer is on hold;too long;90;Customer gets;transferred to wrong number;20;Customer gets cut;off;50;Service rep cannot;answer customer's question;120;Service rep does not;follow through as promised;40;Service rep is rude;10;9. PROJECT PLANNING;Use the following WBS;and duration information for a project to build a new website. Prepare a;Gantt chart and a precedence diagram. Determine the critical path.;1.;Initiating;1 week;2.;Planning;4 weeks, starting;after Initiating ends;3.;Executing;3.1 Conduct User;Interview;6 weeks, starts;after Initiating ends;3.2 Conduct User;Survey;4 weeks, starts;midway through User Interviews;3.3 Site Content;3.3.1 Develop;Templates;12 weeks, starts;after User Interviews and User Survey end;3.3.2 Write Articles;8 weeks, stats;anytime after Site Content begins;3.3.3 Prepare FAQ;2 weeks, starts;after User Interviews and User Survey ends;3.4 Design Site;8 weeks, starts;after User Interviews and User Survey end;3.5 Build Site;16 weeks, starts after;Design Site ends;3.6 Perform;Integration Testing;2 weeks, starts;after Build Site ends;3.7 Conduct;Acceptance Tests;2 weeks, starts;after Integration Testing ends;4.;Controlling;runs for entire;duration of project;5.;Closing;1 weeks, follows Acceptance;Testing;10. COST;MANAGEMENT;In the following;information for a one-year software development project, answer the following;four questions.;PV = $23,000;EV = $20,000;AC = $25,000;BAC = $120,000;a.;What are the cost variance, schedule variance, cost performance;index, and schedule performance index for the project?;b.;How is the project doing? Is it ahead of schedule or behind? Is;it under budget or over?;c.;Use CPI to calculate the estimate at completion (EAC)? Is the;project performing better or worse than planned?;d.;Use SPI as your guide, how long will it take to finish the;project?


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