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Case Study: Some managers do not want to become overly friendly with their subordinates




Question;Some;managers do not want to become overly friendly with their subordinates;because they are afraid that if they do so, their objectivity when;conducting performance appraisals and making decisions about pay raises;and promotions will be impaired. Some subordinates resent it when they;see one or more of their co-workers being very friendly with the boss;they are concerned about the potential for favoritism. Their reasoning;runs something like this: If two subordinates are equally qualified for a;promotion and one is a good friend of the boss and the other is a mere;aquaintance, who is more likely to recieve the promotion? Question;1. What, if any, are (a.) the managerial and (b.) the ethical;implications of managers becoming friendly with their subordinates?;Please be thorough in your analysis.


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