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Strayer BUS518 Assignment 2 ? Wooden?s Pyramid of Success & Project Management Leadership




Question;In the current business world, team projects are commonplace. This assignment will use John Wooden?s Pyramid of Success, its different facets, how it relates to project management leadership, and how it is fulfilled in different circumstances. Visit this site dedicated to him to retrieve the information.Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:Describe the extent to which John Wooden?s Pyramid of Success fits today?s business environment after reflecting on your own organization or one that you have observed. Provide three (3) examples to support the response.Typify your leadership style, and provide three (3) examples of how your own temperament, motivation pattern, thinking styles, character, expectations, and leadership philosophy relate to or contrast themes discussed in John Wooden?s Pyramid of Success.Analyze John Wooden?s Pyramid of Success and identify the aspects with which you agree and disagree. Provide a rationale for each aspect.Create a new Pyramid of Success model based on your analysis of John Wooden?s Pyramid of Success, and provide a rationale for each aspect or step of this new model.Using either the coaching philosophy of John Wooden?s Pyramid of Success or your own newly designed Pyramid ofSuccess model, develop a step-by-step strategy that self-directed project team members may use to adapt to any project-related crisis.


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