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Question;Learning Activity #1;Patrick;Lencioni's book The;Five Dysfunctions of a Teamhas become a classic treatise on best;practices to use in creating and leading teams.;First, watch the short video below;;Next, refer to the PDF found at this link;The Five Dysfunctions of A TeamLearning Activity #2;Respond to both of the following questions, and respond to;three of your colleagues for each post. Make your initial post by creating a;new topic.;1.Referring;to the video and the PDF summary of the five dysfunctions, pick the dysfunction;that you believe to be the most significant and harmful and explain your;choice. Give an example of where you have seen this dysfunction in action in a;team in which you have participated or which you have observed.;2.Select;a team that you have been a member or leader of or have interacted with and;determine whether this "team" was a real team as described in the;material in the text or was actually a group that did not meet the tests of;being a team. Describe the factors that where present that led you to your;conclusion.


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