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Kaplan MT499 unit 1 seminar




Question;It is strongly suggested that you attend the live seminar at the regularly scheduled time. To earn full credit, students should post frequently, be actively engaged in the seminar, provide comments that improve the seminar quality and advance the discussion by raising new issues and/or ideas.This Seminar contains a brief review on the Syllabus, although the focus is on business strategy and the practices, methodology, and theories of business strategies.To prepare for the Seminar, be ready to discuss the following topics:Assessing strategic capabilitiesOverview of business strategiesNew hybrid business modelsGlobal social responsibilityAlternate AssignmentIf you are unable to attend the Seminar, you must complete the following Alternative Assignment to earn points for this part of the class. Write a two to three page paper, double spaced that addresses the following:In an APA formatted (sixth edition) paper, please summarize the following article, which is an assigned reading in this unit (note: please cite and reference per APA standards).Business and Brand Strategy: A Framework for Integration by Henrik Uggla and Daniel Filipsson (search in the Kaplan Online Library)Reference:Uggla, H., & Filipsson, D. (2009). Business and brand strategy: A framework for integration. ICFAI Journal of Business Strategy, 6(2), 27-42. Retrieved from


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