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Question;As the text notes, the ability for an organization to change in order to meet changing business environments and threats is key to its success. Click on the Resources section of the classroom (at the top) then go to the library. In the search function, enter the term Resource Rigidity. Read the first article that appears in the search results Unbundling the Structure of Inertia: Resource vs. Routine Rigidityby Clark Gilbert. The article theorizes that these types of inertia are responsible for much of the inability of organizations to change and uses the newspaper industry as an example.Select another company which you believe has been unable to effectively change to meet changing market requirements or threats. Apply the concepts of the article to diagnose the inertia of the company, explaining how you believe the resource and routine rigidity impacted the organization and how you, as a leader would have overcome these issues.Remember to respond to two of your colleagues? posts.Learning Activity #2There are a variety of instruments that can be used to assess and diagnose organizational culture. One of these uses what is called the competing values framework.Proceed to the website: follow the directions for registering and taking the individual Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument. (Note: use your personal email when registering and do not attempt to register and take the assessment from a work computer or from behind a computer protected by a firewall, it may result in issues. If you have trouble with the site, create another free email address such as a gmail address, and register from that site.After you have completed the assessment, post your results, including the diagram by cutting and pasting it into the discussion area or including it as an attachment. Using the results, describe your organization?s culture with special emphasis on the discrepancy between your preferred style and the existing cultural style. Comment on how you believe the culture aids or hinders the organization?s efforts with special attention to the ability to change and innovate.


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