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Question;Weyco? Incorporated Fires Employees Who Smoke" Please respond to the following:The e-Activity presents two contrasting points of view. The employees who have been laid off and Weyco? Incorporated have different interests and desires, and the decision made by Weyco? to provide employees who smoke with an ultimatum?quit smoking or leave?impacts these two parties very differently. Determine whether any personal rights are in dispute between these two parties. Compare and contrast the ways in which act utilitarians and rule utilitarians might respond to Weyco? Incorporated?s decisions differently. "Battling Over Bottled Water" Please respond to the following:Nestl? holds a 99-year lease for the land that the Sanctuary Spring sits on. While lease-holders are generally understood to be able to make full use of their land, when public resources are involved, they are limited to ?reasonable uses.? Review the case study and formulate an argument either supporting or challenging this distinction. Support your reasoning by addressing key ways in which benefits and burdens are being distributed between Nestl? and the community in this case."Wal-Mart? Fined for Mishandling of Hazardous Waste" Please respond to the following:The narrow view of corporate responsibility states that business has no social responsibilities other than to maximize profits. When it comes to corporate behavior, such as described in the Wal-Mart? e-Activity, consider the role that government regulation and / or legislation should play, if any. Provide an argument that either supports or challenges the government?s role in regulating Wal-Mart?s? handling of hazardous waste. Speculate on a possible challenge that one could make to this argument, and propose a response to that challenge.


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