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Saint MBA570 module 6 discussion




Question;Module 6 Discussion;This discussion question has two parts. Respond to both parts to receive full credit for this assignment. Part 1: Your friend is asking for advice. She is;planning to retire in 40 years and wants to know what investments she;should choose. She also wants to know if she should use an IRA or 401k;or some other sort of retirement vehicle. Please advise her. Part 2: You have another friend that already has a;sizable amount saved for his retirement, but he wants to retire in 10;years. What type of advice would you give him about what type of;investment to make and as to whether or not to use a retirement plan?;Include some news or advice from an article that is less than a year old that is applicable to this discussion.;The ProQuest database at the Saint Leo University Library website can be a useful tool for completing this assignment. Click here for instructions on accessing ProQuest.


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