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"Please find the attached solutions. prepare quest...




"Please find the attached solutions. prepare question based on below points. ? Ask a probing question. ? Share an insight from having read the attached solution. ? Offer and support an opinion or suggestion. ? Validate an idea with your own experience. ? Expand on the ideas in attached solutions. All the points should be summaries in 2-3 paragraphs of 3-4 lines long is fine, and it's required to cite 1 or 2 sources. for solution please refer Question ID: 7345015. I am look at similar solutions. Please keep solution document same as my attached document.,"your solution is not as per question ID: 7345015 solution. can you please make it similar one please. your solution should cover above points but it does not required as subheading." also you can refer QID:7413198 solution.


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