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Preliminary Strategy Audit




Question;Preliminary Strategy AuditThe end result of this course is developing a strategy audit.;In this module, you will outline and draft a preliminary framework for;your final product. This provides you with the opportunity to get;feedback before a final submission.;In Module 1, you reviewed the instructions for the capstone strategy audit assignment and grading rubric due in Module 5. By now, you have completed the following steps;Identified the organization for your reportInterviewed at least one key mid-level or senior-level managerCreated a market position analysisConducted an external environmental scan in preparation of your final report and presentationIn this assignment, you will generate a preliminary strategy audit in preparation for your final course project.;Prepare a report that includes the following;In preparation for your course;project, prepare the preliminary strategy audit using the tools and;framework you have focused on so far including the following: Analysis of the company value proposition, market position, and competitive advantageExternal environmental scan/five forces analysisIdentify the most important (5?7) strategic issues facing the organization or business unit.You;may modify the strategic issues in your final report based on the;additional analysis you will conduct in the next module as well as the;feedback you receive on this paper from your instructor.Keep in;mind that it is important to look at the strategic issue(s) from more;than just one perspective in the business unit or company?speak to or;research the issue from more than one angle to offer a 360-degree;approach that does not cause more problems or issues.Strategic;issues arise from a mismatch between internal capabilities and external;trends such that important opportunities are not being pursued or;significant external threats are not being addressed under the current;strategy.Include a preliminary set of recommended tactics for improving your company?s strategic alignment and operating performance.You;may modify these recommendations in your final report based on the;additional analysis you will conduct in the next module as well as the;feedback you receive on this paper from your instructor.Keep in;mind that recommendations can include, but are not limited to, tactics;in marketing, branding, alliances, mergers and acquisitions;integration, product development, diversification or divestiture, and;globalization. If you recommend your company to go global, you must;include a supply chain analysis and an analysis of your firm?s global;capabilities.Write your report as though you are a consultant to your company and are addressing the executive officers of this company.;Write a 7?10-page report in Word format. Make sure your writing is;clear, concise, and in an organized manner, demonstrates ethical;scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, and;displays accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.;Use the following format for your report;Cover pageExecutive summary/abstractTable of contentsIntroduction to company (each subsection should be an assessment)Value propositionMarket positionCompetitive advantageExternal environmental scan/five forces analysisCurrent environmentAssessment of external factors applying five forcesStrategic issues (label each issue and provide a header and the reason for why it is an issue)Summary/key findings and recommendationsReferencesApply APA standards to citation of sources.


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