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Texas BUS300 homework 5




Question;For this assignment, you will be writing on a current event/topic in business using the TWU Library resources, After navigating to the TWU Library, click on ?Subject Guides? in the left column. This will cause a new window, to then pop-up. In the new window, under the section titled, ?Where do I start? Choose a Subject!? select ?Business?.Once in the ?Business? section, there will be a tab titled ?Internet Links?, please select this tab. In the ?Publications? column on the right side of the page, you will find a list of sources that you may use. Not all have free access though. Some of the better choices are:BusinessWeekCNN/MoneyForbesWall Street JournalPlease select a current (no older than a month) article and write a summary of the article also including why you chose the particular article or what you found most interesting about the article.Your submission should be attached in Word and should be a ? page to page in length, single spaced, 12pt. font.Please use a standard font such as ?Times New Roman?.Finally be sure to use APA format to cite your source so you aren?t plagiarizing and so I may view the original if it perks my interest too!As a reminder, when saving your file name, please DO NOT use any special characters (#, @, /, $, etc.). Bb does not recognize these and your file WILL NOT upload and I will not be able to access


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