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CSU BBA4226 Unit V Mini Project




Question;Unit;V Mini Project;Pick;Your Topic: Choose One of the Assignments Below;Assignment;1: The local community college in your area is;conducting a class for potential new homeowners (HO).Realtors, bankers;insurance agents, and others in the real estate field have been asked to be;guest speakers during this six week course. The class meets once a week and;participants who have signed up for this course in the past include, young;single men and women, married couples with and without children, a few ?house;flippers,? and occasionally an older couple looking to finally see the American;dream of home ownership come true. As a seasoned insurance agent you have been;approached by the dean of community affairs to create a PowerPoint presentation;on what new buyers need to know about homeowners insurance. Your presentation;should include;?;The basic coverages provided by the HO;insurance forms.;?;Define important key terms all homeowners;should know before signing any contracts.;BBA;4226, Risk Management;2;?;Identify the main property;and liability exclusions found in the HO insurance policies and give your;?students? background on why these exclusions exist.;?;Research and include three;other points that your students will need to know when seeking out homeowners;insurance. Be thorough in your explanation about why these points are;important.;Or;Assignment;2:The poor economy has caused the car buying;industry to decline. The owner of four area car dealershipshas come to;you with the idea to offer a course on auto insurance to the general public.;The owner hopes to drum up new business and create a partnership with your;company in order to increase his sales. He has asked you to create a PowerPoint;presentation on what new car buyers need to know about automobile insurance.;You need to remember, you may have a lot of young people (late teens, early;twenties), and English as a Second Language purchasers attending this course.;Your presentation should include;?;Explanation of how the tort liability system;applies to automobile accidents.;?;The classes of people covered;under the Personal Auto Policy (PAP).;?;Explanation of the purpose of;uninsured motorist insurance (provide a specific example).;?;Description of how insurers;settle losses under the PAP.;?;Research on three other;points that your ?students? will need to know when seeking out homeowners;insurance. Be thorough in your explanation about why these points are;important.;You;only choose one of the above assignments. Your PowerPoint presentation should;include at least 10 slides, not including the title slide and reference slide.;Make sure to cite all sources used including your textbook.;Save;your presentation as a PDF file and submit your assignment to your professor.


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