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M3A1 Midterm Examination




Question;M3A1 Midterm ExaminationThe primary goal of this course is to introduce you to the process of change and change management. Through the first three modules, you have gained an awareness of the theories, models, and techniques for managing organizational change. This midterm examination will allow you to apply what you have learned so far in the course.You must write a short essay on all 3 topics.1. Discuss the six images of managing change and how each can effect an organization.2. Discuss the six environmental pressures for change faced by managers.3. Discuss and provide examples of the differences between first-order and second-order change.? This is an open-reference examination. You may use any resources you may need to provide adequate details to present your point of view in your essay responses. However, all work must be your own, and you are not to consult with other people on it.? Your submission should be 1?2 pages in length, double-spaced, with proper citations and references as per the APA format and writing style (6th edition).


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