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UMUC DMBA610 Knowledge Integration Exam fall 2014




Question;DMBA 610;Knowledge Integration Exam;Fall 2014;Please;read all instructions carefully before you begin.;1) Include your responses to all questions in;ONE document labeled with your last name and "final," -- e.g. "Smithfinal"-- and post it in;your Assignment Folder no later than 11:59 PM (ET), Sunday, November 16th, 2014. This exam also must;be submitted to It is;recommended that you submit your exam to at least 24 hours;before the deadline to allow you sufficient time to address any issues;identified in the Originality Report prior to posting your exam in your;Assignment Folder. Please;note: Do not repeat the questions in your exam response. Doing so;will create a very high match rate in Turnitin.;2) No;extensions may be granted on this assignment;be sure to submit it on time and check to make sure that the document you;submitted is readable and what you intended to submit.;NOTE: This is an individual assignment. Any;discussion or collaboration regarding the assignment constitutes a violation of. If;you have any questions about the assignment, you should direct them to your;instructor. Don't wait until the last;minute to read the assignment and clarify any questions you might have. If you wait until the night before the exam;is due, your instructor might not be available to answer your questions at;that exact moment.;3) Be sure to;base your discussion of these issues on the theories and principles in;the reading you have done throughout this seminar. This is not a research project. The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate;your knowledge of and ability to apply the principles and theories discussed;in the course materials. Do not consult sources outside the assigned DMBA 610;course materials. Using sources that;are not course materials may result in point deductions.;?;Course materialsinclude all required and recommended reading and multimedia and any;additional professor's lectures and introductions.;?;Course materials do not;include any websites.;4);Your exam should contain specific;references to the text book and other course materials. When making reference;to course materials, be sure to use proper APA formatted citations and;references, and indicate direct quotations by using quotation marks and proper;page citation. Do not post a separate document for each question. Your final;document should include ONE;reference list at the end of the document with all of the references you used;in your responses. The reference list;is required but will not count toward the allowed number of words. In addition to the reference list, you;should also provide in text source citation for direct quotation or;paraphrasing of course materials.;5) You must address all questions. Your answers should be limited to the number of words indicated;for each question. Failure to adhere;to length parameters for each question will result in deduction of points. There;is a stated maximum word count for each of the questions (Question 1 = 1,500;words maximum, Question 2 = 1,000 words maximum, Question 3 = 750 words;maximum and Question 4 = 500 words maximum). Some of the subsections also;have additional stated maximum word limits (e.g., 100 words maximum). If a;subsection does not have a stated word maximum, it is your discretion to use;a word count that you feel sufficiently answers the question while continuing;to adhere to the overall maximum word limits for each question. It is;advisable to use the word count feature to check your word counts.;6) Point Allocation: 80% of your;grade will be based on the quality of the content of your responses to the;questions. The points allocated to;each question are indicated. In;addition, 20% of your grade will be based on the quality of your attention to;graduate level grammar, organization, punctuation, usage, spelling, and APA;citation requirements.;Grading Criteria;CONTENT- 80 points;FORM - 20 points (Graduate level structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage;and adherence to APA citation style);-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------;SUMMARY - Do not post a separate;document for each question. Your;final document should include ONE;reference list at the end of the document with all of the references you used;in your responses. The reference list;is required but will not count toward the allowed number of words. In addition to the reference list, you also;should cite sources within your text where appropriate.;Please note: Do not repeat the questions in your exam response.;Doing so will create a very high match rate in Turnitin.;END OF INSTRUCTIONS;Question I;BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS ?;1,500 maximum word limit total for all parts (worth 25;points);CASE;Aahlaadita (means ?One who is in a happy mood? in;Hindi) Abramovich is 46 years old and she was born and raised in Lincoln;City, Oregon USA. She joined the US military after she graduated with her;undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke college in Massachusetts when she was;22 years old. She served 21 years in the United States Air Force and retired;as a Lieutenant Colonel three years ago. While serving on active duty, she;earned two graduate degrees (one was an MBA from UMUC).;Aahlaadita currently earns a little over $4,000 USD;per month in her military retirement pay. She wanted to ?follow her passion?;when she left active duty service. Yet, she is a cautious person and risk;adverse. So, after she retired she took a full time job with a US federal;government agency in the Dallas, Texas region at the GS-14 level (this is the;General Schedule pay grade that the US federal government uses for the majority;of their employees). Aahlaadita currently earns $105,500 USD annually in this;job. Thus, her monthly gross income (full time job and retirement pay) is;right around $13,000 per month.;At 46 years old, she is not a teenager but she is;also not quite ready for the retirement home and playing golf all day. She;still has dreams.;An old childhood friend from Lincoln City, Oregon, Adele;LaToya Jolie-Pitt, recently contacted Aahlaadita on Facebook and they caught;up with a long phone call. Adele;LaToya was super excited;about an opportunity to invest in an amazing business. Adele;LaToya Jolie-Pittand is42;yearsold. Sheholds;aPhDinManagementfromMITSloan;SchoolofManagementbutiscurrentlyunemployed.;AdeleLaToya is currently engaged to;her boyfriend, JavierBieber-Timberlake (22 years old).Together;theymovedto thetown;of Sedgwick,Colorado;whereJavier recently;was hiredas;aMaster;Grower atSedgwickAlternativeReliefMedicalMarijuanaCenter(;Javier isreally;enjoying hisnewjob;as aMasterGrower. According to thestate;ofColorado,a Master;Grower,?determineswhat;or howmuch;of a particular strain toproduceor an;individual whosedecisions;havean significantimpacton;thebusiness and its operations;butdoesnothaveanownershipinterestin;thebusiness.? (OccupationalLicense;Information,2014)A strain;is thetypeof;plantproductthatis;cultivated andmarketed;asa differentiated productline(differentvarieties;oftheplant;aremarketedwith;differenttrade;names). Hefeels thatitis;an exciting timeto;beatthestart;ofa newindustryas Colorado is the?world?s first? jurisdiction toprovide;?legal recreational marijuanasales.?;(Ingold, 2014);Javier was recently;approachedby;oneofhis;co-workers (abud;tender), Tyrone?T-DAWG?;Arnold, age30,about;starting upa newmarijuana retail business together.A bud tender is,?Amedicalcannabis;dispensaryworker thatsells and;isknowledgeableofvariousmarijuana;products.?(,2014)Tyronehascomeupwith;thebusiness name,?THE POTSPOT!?and has created anoriginal logo;and someoriginal;artworkfor thestoresigns.;Theeconomicperformanceofthenewmarijuana retail stores in Colorado has been impressive.From March2014,?Colorado;maderoughly $2 million inmarijuanataxes in January, staterevenue;officials reportedMondayin;theworld's firstaccountingoftherecreational potbusiness.[?] Bycomparison;Coloradomadeabout;$2.7 million inliquor;excisetaxesin;Januaryoflastyear.?;(Wyatt,2014);Javier,Tyroneand Adeleagreetostarta newstoretogether.;They knowthey mustobtaina vendorlicensefromthestateof Colorado;(as per the Colorado MedicalMarijuana Vendor Registration Application, form DR 8533, from theState;of Colorado Departmentof Revenue,MedicalMarijuana;EnforcementDivision). Itrequires that Marijuana Vendorsdeterminewhattypeof business;they will start. Pagethree;states,?Typeof Business;Structure;SoleProprietorshipC CorporationPartnership;S CorporationLimited;Partnership;Publicly;Traded CorporationLimited LiabilityCompanyTrust;Other ?;Javier, Adele;and Tyrone haveagreedtogotoalawyer nextweektohaveameetingand determinewhatneeds;tobedoneto;startthenewretail business.;Adele LaToya is invitingAahlaadita to join in with them as an owner;of ?THE POT SPOT!?;Aahlaadita does not fully understand the marijuana;retail business, but it sounded like it was going to be very profitable (everyone;would be ?insanely rich? as per AdeleLaToya).;AdeleLaToya shared that;she had already had her grandmother invest $15,000 in ?The POT SPOT!? (with a;guaranteed 15% return on the investment in 90 days from her boyfriend Javier)!;Aahlaadita did not sleep well after speaking with Adele;LaToya. She had always been;cautious and never been a risk taker. She wondered, shouldn?t she be brave and finally ?go for it? in life? She;called AdeleLaToya;the next day and said she would invest $30,000 in the new business venture;(with a guaranteed 15% return on that investment in 90 days from Javier, she;had nothing to lose).;Aahlaadita went to college at Mount Holyoke with;your cousin. Your cousin called and asked you to talk to Aahlaadita about;this new business. Although Aahlaadita has an MBA from UMUC, she earned it in;1998 so she is a ?bit rusty? about business (this is what she told your;cousin).;You agree to help and speak with Aahlaadita. On the phone, Aahlaadita;tells you that she does not need any ?expensive lawyer? as she has multiple;degrees and is a retired Air Force officer. She has always been very prudent;with her money and saved as much as she could each month.;In fact, in addition to her $13,000 monthly income, Aahlaadita has;$1,200,000.00 USD saved and invested in a diverse portfolio of stocks and;bonds. She has also been a long term real estate investor and currently has;12 rental properties (single family homes and duplexes) around the US that;are fully paid for and in total generate $12,000 per month in positive cash;flow. Her retirement pay, full time job income, and rental property income;total $25,000 a month.;She has no debt (the house she lives in she paid cash for when she;purchased it). She says, ?I am ?set for life? financially at this point so;why not have a little fun and potentially ?get rich? going into business with;AdeleLaToya??;Aahlaadita has a great standard of living and enjoys vacations;personal services (spa treatments, maids, dog sitters, etc.) and has the;freedom to do what she wants, when she wants. She does have two dogs, a;turtle and a fish tank full of exotic fish that she dotes on.;Aahlaadita says that once she gets her assets over ten million USD;she will finally feel financially secure (including her properties her;current total assets are over four million USD). She has noticed how many of;her real estate investor friends have private planes and she does not have;one. She would like one and this deal with AdeleLaToya;is what she is planning to use to fund her private plane (which will make it;easier for her to take her dogs and turtle with her when she travels).;Her business role model Oprah Winfrey said as the Duke University;commencement speaker in 2009, ?it is really fantastic to have your own jet;and anybody who says it isn?t is lying to you. That jet thing is really;good.? (Leonard, 2009);Aahlaadita has found several websites she is going;to use to file the correct legal forms to establish her new business with Adele;LaToya Jolie-Pitt, her boyfriend;JavierBieber-Timberlake and Tyrone?T-DAWG?;Arnoldsuch as LegalZoom;Rocket Lawyer, Nolo and So, you locate the Custom Text;from DMBA 610 and tell her that the two of you should go through the;comparison chart on pp. 766 and come up with your ?best? and ?second best?;forms from a business perspective (before her going to one of the online websites;to file forms to start the business).;Note the following issues as you evaluate the comparison chart in;your custom text;1. Aahlaadita is very;cautious and she wants to ensure she has no liability for the business (or;limited liability in the alternative). She says that she was childhood best;friends with Adele LaToya and she feels that she ?owes? her to go into;business together. Yet, Aahlaadita tells you that she ?does not trust? Adele;LaToya Jolie-Pitt, Javier, or Tyrone with ?her?;money. She does not want AdeleLaToya;Javier or Tyrone to be able to sign any business checks, use any business;credit cards, access any business funds or make any business financial;decisions. She tells you that she wants a maximum cap on how much money she;could personally lose if the new business fails (of no more than $120,000 or;approximately 10% of her liquid assets at the present time). Aahlaadita will;be working for the business when she can, but this is a ?side business? for;her as she has her full time federal government job in the Dallas, Texas;area.;2. Tyrone, anexperienced;Bud Tenderandtalented artist, has$10,000 he could invest, he alsowantstoprotect;hisfull ownership interestin;theoriginal businessnameand;artworkthathehasalready;created, beyond thathe;doesnotwish;toplace hispersonal;assetsatriskin this;venture?down;the line hewants;topursueventure capital investorsforthebusiness;3. JavierBieber-Timberlake, an experiencedMaster Grower withexceptional leadershipskills,will;be creatingintellectual property (strain of;product)thathe;intendsto transfertothe companyasan;asset(the valuation;of thisisto be;determined, aswell asany;cash contribution), he also wantstoshield hispersonal assets;fromliability;4. Adele LaToya Jolie-Pit will investonly$10atthistimeand;demandslimited liability.Javierhasstated;that?herbeauty;ispriceless.? She had a Ch. 7 bankruptcy that she filed 24 months ago so she;has no personal credit and no access to, or ability to obtain, credit for the;new business. She also has no income, no pension, no savings, and has a net;worth of approximately negative (-)$220,000;USD due to outstanding student loans from her PhD. Adele LaToya does not work;and said that she will be ?dedicated full time to making money? for the new;business. She has stated that she will need to draw a salary from the new;business immediately (she has suggested $8,000 USD per month), and;5. Aahlaadita is a U.S. citizen as is Adele;LaToya. Javier Bieber-Timberlake isaU.S. citizen(4thgeneration;fromKanorado,KansasUSA;and Basque heritage) andTyrone ?T-DAWG?;Arnold (a blackCanadian of WestIndian heritage) isa US permanentresident(greencard;holder).;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER;(label each answer 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D);Prepare your response for Aahlaadita. Support each item with principles and;theories from the readings;A);What are the primary;considerations for the entrepreneur in choice of a legal form? (100 word limit);B);What are the advantages and;disadvantages of each form in terms of the specific constraints and;objectives?;C);Which one form would you;choose and why? Which form would be;your ?second-best? recommendation and why?;D);Why is it valuable to have a legally astute management team making;the decision about the choice of business entity, rather than leaving these;decisions to the lawyers?;(Maximum Limit: 1500 words total for all parts).;END OF QUESTION I;Question II;DUTIES OF CORPORATE;OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS ?;1,000 maximum word limit total;for all parts (worth 25 points);CASE;While you are still working on the business;formation issues above in Question I, Aahlaadita Skypes you again. She says, ?It was so long ago that I earned my MBA.;I wasn?t really paying attention in my classes. I did my best but I was;serving as an Air Force officer so I went to class at night and on the;weekend and I could barely stay awake. It was kind of boring. I just wanted;the degree as a piece of paper so that I would be better positioned for;promotions and future jobs after leaving the Air Force. I don?t remember what;they taught us about all that ?business jargon stuff? like job titles.;I think that I;want to be CEO of ?THE POT SPOT!? because Oprah is CEO of her business. But;I have been thinking. What does that mean? Let?s say that someone sues;my company, ?THE POT SPOT!? for one million dollars. Am I going to have to;pay them that money because I am CEO? What does it mean to be ?Executive;Officer? of a business? As the ?Chief Executive Officer? it sounds like I am;the number one in charge of the business. Is that right? What are the;responsibilities of the other officers? What are we really agreeing to by;being ?officers? of the business?;I really just;want a cool title and don?t want to be bothered with any hassle about the;business or money issues like bills and lawsuits. With my rental properties I;do not deal with any of this ?officer stuff.? I carry a lot of insurance and;have my property management firm do everything. They collect all of my rent;payments and deposit them in my bank account. I do nothing but look for new;properties every once in a while. I expect that ?THE POT SPOT!? will be;similar. ?;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER;(label answer 2A);Aahlaadita wants to know;A) What are the duties;and obligations of a corporate officer?(100 word limit);After your response, Aahlaadita asks if there is;anything ?higher or more powerful? than the CEO job title (she specifically;says, ?Who can fire the CEO? That is what I want to be instead, I think.?) You tell her that if she selects;some forms of business organization, there could be a Board of Directors that;would have the power to fire (or hire) a CEO. The Chairperson of the Board of;Directors would be the leader of this entity.;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER;(label answer 2B);Aahlaadita asks you;B);For the director of a company, what are their obligations? Who;are they loyal to? Are they an agent of any entity?;After you respond, Aahlaadita says to you that she;has received a Facebook request from an old boyfriend, Liam! (She says it is;so weird how many old friends have contacted her since she posted that she is;?single and looking? and shared some of the pictures of her 4,500 sq. ft.;home in Dallas, her new Bentley and her recent vacations on her Facebook;page.);She told him a bit about the new business, ?THE POT;SPOT!?, and he told her that he has an even better business opportunity with;his cousin in China. This opportunity is a new import/export currency trading business in China. Liam says that;his cousin is working with ?wealthy Middle Eastern royal family member? who;will guarantee returns of 30% per 90 days (which is double whatAdele;LaToya Jolie-Pitt, her boyfriend;JavierBieber-Timberlake and Tyrone?T-DAWG?;Arnoldhave guaranteed with ?THE POT SPOT!?;business).;The next day she calls you back and tells you that unfortunately;Liam was in a car accident! He wasdrivingonthefreeway;and his2007ChevroletCobalt?justturnedoff?;whilehewasdriving ataspeed;of approximately 60 miles per hour.Hewashitfrom;behindbyanothervehicle(buthis;airbags did notdeploy);and heis;in stablecondition ata local;hospital.;Aahlaadita;is distraught! She thinks that Liam ?may be the one she has been waiting for?;and that she ?knows this is true love.? Sheasksyou;ifyou canpull outyour business books (from DMBA610);andhelpher again.;Shesaysthat shehas read;aboutcompanieshavingtorecall;automobiles likethe2001FordExplorerduetorollovers;(in conjunction with Firestonetires),1978;FordPintoduetofuel;tankfires,1987Audi5000;duetorunaway;acceleration, andthe2014;GMignition defectrecall;of1.6 million cars,etc.;She cries toyou, ?Dothese;greedy businessexecutiveshaveno;heart?Forexample;howcanaGMexecutiveknowaboutadefect;thathaskilled;over 300 people (asperdata;from the National HighwayTraffic Safety Administration) formorethan;tenyears(from;atleast2001);andkeep quietaboutitinstead;of alerting the public;and saving lives??;QUESTIONSTO ANSWER(label answer2C);Aahlaaditawants to;know;C) As you will bea future;corporateofficer(withyour;UMUCMBA degree),whenwouldyou;issuearecallof a productthatyouhad conclusiveevidencehad injuredorkilled people? Supportyourresponsewithan;explanationofthedecisionmakingprocessthatyou;would personally apply.;After your response;Aahlaaditatellsyou thatLiam texted her that heis;in immensepainfrom;thecar accident.Heis;askingthehospital;nursefora newpainkillerpill thatheheard abouton thenewsthatisfive;times strongerthan otherpain;pills (such as Vicodin,Lortab, etc.). Hedoesn?tremember;thenameof itbutheremembershearingthatitwas;debated intheUS;Congress forapproval.;Heheardthatononehanditisthestrongestsingle-ingredientopiate(drugs thatmimic;theeffectofopium;poppysuchasmorphine,oxycodoneand heroin)on themarketin theUS.On;theotherhand, therearesafety;risksfromthemultiple-ingredientopiates;(usuallyin combination with;non-addictivepain;relievers,such;as acetaminophen,which;has itsownsafety;risks and;can resultindeadlyliver;damagewhentakenathigh;levels).Thus, the new single-ingredient;opiate actuallyissaferin;thatit doesnot havelivertoxicity;risk. It isalso;simultaneously moredangerousin thatitis more potent,andisnot;tamperresistant(which;means itcanbechewed,crushed;or dissolved toproducea quick,massive;heroin-likedoesof thedrugwhich;can befatal).;Aahlaaditatold Liamnottotakeit.;Sheangrilycriesto you;?Howcan you;supporttheseselfish;businesspeople asanMBA;student?Allthey;care aboutismoney.;They don?t;careabouthuman;livesatall! Do;theycare more abouttheir;company than they do;theentire communityof people;atriskof;addiction, overdose or death by;abusing thenewpill?;It wasn?t like this when I was in school for my MBA! People used to have;morals and care about each other!;Wait a minute ?;Do you think that selling legal drugs at ?THE POT SPOT!? may potentially be a;problem? Obviously, I am just a business person like the pharmaceutical;company that sells the single-ingredient opiate. Both of these drug sales are;legal but are there any other issues I should be aware of (e.g., just because;I can sell it, should I)?;I just need;?THE POT SPOT!? to make more money and achieve my personal financial goals. After;I get my private plane I am going to start a charitable foundation and help;young people be more like me and succeed in life (it is so important to give;back).;If I don?t;take these deals, someone else will. If it wasn?t for my money, assets and;credit, ?THE POT SPOT!? wouldn?t happen at all. Isn?t the saying, ?He who has;the gold makes the rules?? I deserve to be rich and I have worked very hard;my entire life. Why not me??;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER;(label each answer 2D, 2E, 2F);Thus, answer the following;D) You are listening to the passion in Aahlaadita?s voice and you;start to wonder, isthissingle-ingredient;opiate examplea ?rightv. right?type of;dilemma asdescribed byBadaracco(2002)?Why orwhynot?Explain.;E);You;determinethatyouareproud;tobeearning;yourMBA (and itis;helpingyouassist;Aahlaadita)! Youwanttobeableto persuadeher thatbusinesses(and;their leaders) area;positive socially responsiblepartof modern society. So, you assume;therole of theCEO ofthe;company selling the single-use opiate.Analyzethe;decisionto marketthedrugusing Badaracco?s?right;v. right? frameworkfromhisDefining;Momentsvideo (2002).Be sureto;supportyour views with ethicaltheoryand principles,andinclude allstepsand testsin;your response.;F) Isthe;decisiontomarket the single-ingredientopiateethical?How about the decision to enter into the;marijuana retail business via ?THE POT SPOT?, it is legal but is it ethical? Analyze at least one of these decisions using Bagley?s Ethical;Leader?s Decision Tree (Bagley & Savage, 2010, p. 27);(Maximum Limit: 1,000 words total for all parts);END OF QUESTION II;Question III;INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS;RELATIONSHIPS ?;750 maximum word limit total for all parts (worth 15;points);CASE;A few days later you hear from Aahlaadita again;(lucky you!). She is very excited as she has potentially big news about another;business opportunity!;Aahlaadita received an email for an ?elite;opportunity to join the 1% of the wealthiest individuals on the planet.? She;said it is just amazing how much ?good fortune? is coming her way! The email;said that there is a top secret global conference in Budva, Montenegro in;three weeks. This is more exclusive;than the public meetings of the ?global elite? that the media already covers;in locations like Davos, Switzerland (home of Geneva based annual meeting of;The World Economic Forum).;Aahlaadita is giddy with excitement! She has always;wanted to be around ?the best of the best? and now organizations that cater;to leaders of nations and the wealthiest business owners on the planet are;inviting her to take part in their events. The only issue is that due to the;exclusivity of these invitations, the email states that she will have to;agree to ?invest? $120,000 USD in a ?franchise fee? to be able to join the;group and get the details on the exact date and location of the conference.;The email explained that to ?keep the right type of people? at these events;they are part of a private club that sells franchises by invitation only to those up and coming business leaders and;investors that they determine to be high caliber and future global leaders.;Again, Aahlaadita repeated that she wished she had;paid more attention in her MBA classes but that it doesn?t matter. She has;you to help ?refresh her memory? and she is on her way to be part of the most;powerful group of leaders and influencers on the planet!;She tells you that the email had a franchise;agreement attached. She was instructed to sign it and after paying the;franchise fee in full (wired to a bank account in Russia), she would be;admitted to the group and then would be sent the conference official;invitation and details.;Her plan is to start a new business that she will;own 100% of (no Adele LaToya, no Javier, no Tyrone) and she wants to name the new business;?LuvSharTim & Tut-Tut? after her two dogs and turtle. She says that this;is ?her time to shine? and that ?it takes money to make money? so she is;eager to wire the money to the Russian bank account as soon as possible!;QUESTIONS TO ANSWER;(label each answer 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E, 3F, 3G);A) Aahlaadita wants your business advice regarding how she should;protect herself from risks in the event of a dispute in regards to the;Montenegrin franchise deal. What do you advise her? (100 word limit);B) Aahlaadita admits that she has never heard of this top secret;group meeting in Montenegro (but the email stated that if she ?had heard of them before, they would not;be truly elite.?) She says that this makes sense and that she has been;visualizing success so she is ready to wire her $120,000 USD to the Russian;bank. One little issue is that she has never been to Montenegro (it only;became a modern fully independent nation in 2006). She is uneasy about the political situation;in the country (based on simply her ?feelings? and no facts). She is concerned that her franchise business;assets (she is not sure what those would be at this juncture) could be the;subject of expropriation or losses due to any future civil unrest. What advice would you give her to address;this possibility (even if it is remote and improbable)? (100 word limit);C);What specific types of;provisions do you recommend should be written into the franchise contracts;to limit any legal disputes that might arise between the US based franchisee;company (?LuvSharTim & Tut-Tut?) and the franchisor firm in Montenegro?;D);How would these provisions;favor the interests of ?LuvSharTim & Tut-Tut??;E);IfAahlaadita follows your;advice and includes the provisions you recommend in part (A) in the;contracts, does that mean the company will never have to go to court in;another country or become familiar with any foreign laws in connection with;the business deals in Montenegro?;F);What could happen if the;provisions you specified in part (A) were not part of the contract?;G);Aahlaadita tells you that she;is slightly concerned that the franchise contract demands her to send her;$120,000 USD to the Russian bank first and then they would send her the franchise;details, location of the upcoming meeting, share the organization name and;ownership information with her, or any other information.;What would you advise ?LuvSharTim & Tut-Tut? do to protect;their interests (to avoid the risk of paying the franchise fee and then never;hearing from the Montenegrin organization again)? (100 word limit);(Limit: 750 words maximum;total for all parts);END OF QUESTION III;Question IV;Critical Thinking;Review:-;500 maximum word limit total for all parts (worth 15;points);CASE;Ten days after the last discussion, Aahlaadita sent you the;following email;?Crazy times! HELP!!;I sent the $120,000 USD;to the Russian bank for the deal in Montenegro and have not heard from;anyone. All of my emails bounce back. I never had a phone number or anything;else for the organization. I am now applying for another full time job (in;the private sector) to try to raise my income quickly and replace the money I;have potentially lost on these business ventures.;AdeleLaToya Jolie-Pitt, her boyfriend JavierBieber-Timberlake and Tyrone?T-DAWG? Arnold had asked me to pay them ?salaries? for six months up front for;our planned business, ?THE POT SPOT? so I sent them $48,000 (6 months;$8,000 per month) and then Liam said his cousin needed my bank account;information to ?run a test? for setting up the China import/ export currency;trading firm. I gave him the account information he requested. The account had $250,000 USD in it and it;was all wired out (to some bank in Iraq).;AdeleLaToya Jolie-Pitt, her boyfriend JavierBieber-Timberlake, Tyrone?T-DAWG? Arnold and my love Liam have disappeared. Their phone numbers are;disconnected, their email addresses bounce back and I am a mess. I am trying;not to panic as I know that sometimes it can take a few days for people to;receive emails. I cannot believe that my childhood best friend and former;boyfriend would be dishonest. They wouldn?t lie to me! But, as of today I am;out a total of $418,000 USD.;Like I said, I have to;get a new full time job with a higher salary to start replacing the $418,000.;I just got this from an HR manager at a firm I applied to a few days ago. You;study business issues in your DMBA program so please help me one more time;and look at this note below.;---------- Forwarded message ----------;From: HR;Date: Thur, Oct 16, 2014 at 1:01 PM;Subject: Is this a joke?;To:XXX;Ms. Abramovich;Our firm is in receipt of your inquiry about the Vice President of;Research and Development position.;The job position and posting that you identified in your communication;(the aforementioned job title and position #295-697) requires, ?a minimum of;an earned PhD in Nuclear Engineering.? Your resume stated that you hold no;engineering degree at all. You noted a bachelor?s degree in Theatre Arts from;Mount Holyoke, an MBA from the University of Maryland University College and;a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix. None of these;meet the minimum requirements for the aforementioned job posting. Are you playing;a joke? Or, are you an idiot?;You stated in your cover letter that your salary expectations are;$275,000 USD annually. You were accurate that the average for this job;position and academic background is in the $250,000 range. Yet, you have no;executive officer leadership experience in the private sector. You also;again, have no engineering or even engineering related, experience, education;or qualifications. Your last full time job paid you $105,500 USD annually and;your stated expectation with a new job is to start at $275,000 USD annually? I;thought my nephew was the biggest idiot I knew, but I was wrong. Are you;drunk or the worst job applicant in the history of the world? I know the;answer, you are the worst job applicant in the history of the galaxy. You are;entitled, spoiled, and delusional. I;am offended by every aspect of your communication with my firm. People like;you are ruining this nation. I hope that you are happy that you are;destroying America with your ridiculous behavior.;I have been in HR for 30 years and have never witnessed the level;of hubris and stupidity


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